Another application of GPT-4 came to Microsoft subsidiary to launch AI clinical note software to generate only a few seconds

“Kechuangban Daily” March 21 (Editor Qiu Siyu) According to foreign media reports such as CNBC and STAT News, on March 20 local time, Nuance Communications, a speech recognition subsidiary of Microsoft, released an AI clinical note software, the software name is It is Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express (hereinafter referred to as “DAX Express”), which is jointly driven by ambient artificial intelligence (Ambient AI) and OpenAI’s latest large model GPT-4 .

DAX Express is mainly aimed at medical staff, and can automatically generate draft clinical notes within seconds after a patient sees a doctor, thereby reducing the administrative burden of clinical care.

Diana Nole, executive vice president of Nuance’s medical division, said the functionality will be enabled through Dragon Medical One, the company’s voice recognition app, which is used by more than 550,000 physicians. Physicians can control by voice, view clinical systems and quickly access patient information. Clinical notes generated by DAX Express will appear on Dragon Medical One.

DAX Express was formerly known as DAX, an app launched by Nuance in 2020. DAX is able to translate verbal descriptions of visiting patients into corresponding clinical notes, which are manually reviewed to ensure accuracy and high quality. These notes will be generated within four hours of your visit. In contrast, DAX Express can generate clinical records in seconds for doctors to review and refer to. In addition, physicians are able to edit clinical notes at any time.

Nole said the company aims to reduce the time doctors spend on administrative tasks, thereby improving clinical efficiency and allowing doctors to “rediscover the joy of medicine.”

Currently, Nuance has not announced the price of DAX Express. Pricing for Nuance’s technology depends on the number of users and the size of the health system, the company said. Regarding the promotion time of DAX Express, the company said that it needs to be determined based on the feedback from the first batch of trial users.

In addition, patient information is particularly sensitive and subject to legal regulation. Alysa Taylor, a Microsoft executive, said that DAX Express meets Microsoft’s requirements for artificial intelligence reliability, and Nuance has also adopted additional security management measures. In addition, Nuance has signed strict data confidentiality agreements with its customers, and relevant data is fully encrypted and run in an environment that complies with legal requirements.