Anno 1800 announced for PS5 and XSX/S testing in November

Ubisoft announced that the strategy game “Anno 1800” will be launched on PS5 and XSX/S platforms.

Welcome to the dawn of the industrial age. Experience one of the most exciting and fast-moving eras ever created in a rich city-building scenario.

Discover new technologies, new continents and new cultures. The strategy you choose will define your world.

Choose from solo, PvP or co-op modes. How you make the world remember your name is up to you.

Dawn of a new generation: Build gigantic cities, plan logistics networks, land on strange new continents, send expeditions around the globe and use diplomacy, trade or war to rule your enemies and prove your mettle.

Classic Anno Experience: Includes a story campaign, customizable sandbox mode, and classic Anno multiplayer experience.

New content for a new era: For example, you can send expeditions around the world to spread your fame, find wealth and a new workforce.

Team up with up to three friends to build the industrial kingdom of your dreams in Anno 1800’s new free-to-play co-op mode.