Anheng’s third-quarter revenue increased 25% year-on-year

  China Securities News (Wang Luo) On October 27, Anheng Information (688023.SH) released its 2022 third quarter report. In the first three quarters, the company achieved operating income of 1.040 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.10%. Among them, the operating income in the third quarter was 505 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.05% and a month-on-month increase of 67.67%.

  The announcement shows that the company has continued to make efforts in the fields of data security, cloud security, Xinchuang security, MSS security, and managed operation services, and the overall business has grown rapidly. At the same time, the results of cost reduction and efficiency increase have gradually emerged. The company’s gross profit margin has increased in the first three quarters, and the year-on-year growth rate of the three expenses (selling expenses, R&D expenses and management expenses) has shrunk significantly, and the expenses are controlled within a reasonable range. Inside.

  It is reported that Anheng Information has been deeply involved in the field of network security and data security since its establishment. The company focuses on the five scenarios of “cloud, large, material, intelligent and industrial”, and has formulated two strategies of MSS security custody operation service and data security, and is continuously improving the core. At the same time as the competitiveness of products and services, through continuous deep cultivation in the fields of digital government, digital economy, etc., to safely help digital industrialization and industrial digital transformation scenarios, through the strategic layout of new tracks such as MSS security hosting operation services, data security, etc., Provide security and empowerment for the development of government, education, finance, operators, medical care, enterprises, etc.

  Since the beginning of this year, Anheng Information has released services including MSS security hosting and operation services, the new version of Anheng Cloud-Tianchi Cloud Security Management Platform, the new version of Anheng Cloud Online SaaS, AXDR (Advanced Threat Detection and Analysis System), Secret Assessment Inspection Toolbox, Network Security A number of new products and new programs including self-inspection and self-inspection toolbox.

  The announcement shows that Anheng Information has achieved a full-fledged structure of more than 80 models in 18 categories and launched it into the market, and has formed more than 260 technical mutual certification certificates with other Xinchuang ecological manufacturers. Create products, the products cover 6 major CPUs and two major operating systems as a whole. After testing and market verification, a variety of all-in-one products and platform products have performed well in terms of hardware specifications, performance, and technological advancement. The “multi-cloud, multi-core integrated protection” multi-cloud management and security operation platform launched by Anheng Information ranks first in the market share of the preliminary research in the field of Xinchuang cloud security, and has been implemented in provincial and municipal projects in Zhejiang, Shanxi, Hainan, Guangxi, etc. Situational Awareness (AiLPHA) is fully compatible with Kunpeng, Haiguang, and Feiteng specifications, and has continued to implement benchmarking projects in many industries.

  According to IDC data, the size of my country’s network security market will reach US$31.86 billion in 2026, with a compound growth rate of 21.2% in the next five years, about twice the global average growth rate. The announcement shows that in recent years, Anheng Information has continuously improved its product system in the three major business directions of network security basic products, network security platforms and network security services, and has transformed into a platform-based product and comprehensive solution service provider. From the perspective of customers, Anheng Information continues to improve the threat detection and response capabilities of security hosting operation services. Through the analysis of risk availability and asset affordability, the alarm can be effectively denoised; through the rich cases, the script arrangement and automatic response system have been accumulated and polished, and the ability to respond to and deal with threats more quickly, intelligently, and automatically .