Angry Birds is the same as the pioneering stone Wrangler

A true warrior must be different in appearance, without frowning in the face of difficulties, with a roar, and forging ahead bravely.

Climbing faction is the most real embodiment of hardcore off-road. When hard rocks meet strong hardcore off-road, a hard-hitting duel begins, which is obviously impossible for plain bikes.

Does this Wrangler look a lot like Angry Birds? Like Angry Birds, it can also help its owner open up mountains and roads.

Viewed from the front, in addition to increasing its own approach angle, the exaggerated climbing-style short competitive bar can convert the driving force of the vehicle into a high-strength alloy steel when encountering a super-angle slope. Strength, used to achieve greater climbing angles.

To climb high, you must first grow taller. The RE 4.5-inch long arm kit is equipped with the KING shock absorber. The long stroke makes the Wrangler superior on the road.

No matter how high you climb or how fast you run, standing firm is the first priority. MT’s large pattern tires can provide stronger grip

A real tough guy is not only fierce on the outside, but also worthy of the title on the inside.

The ARB tooth cover is prepared for rock-cutting, which can better protect the powerful differential lock and pot angle teeth.

After replacing the large tires, the steering damping of the original car can no longer be used, and the steering damping of FOX can provide better steering damping.

The ARB lower guard plate can protect the transmission and transfer case, and achieve a real “fully armed”. It can also be calmly dealt with on gravel roads without worrying about damaging the chassis.

A real off-road vehicle will never let its owner bow his head and be afraid in the face of bad roads. Even in the face of mountains and rocks, he will roar and jump up!