Andy Lau’s favored new Audi A8L Horch founder’s edition with a longer wheelbase has “abundant space”

It is undeniable that German brands have always occupied a unique position in the automobile industry, because Germany is the birthplace of automobiles. For such a German car company with a strong automotive industry foundation, what is its “ceiling”? Let’s take a look. Not long ago, the all-new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition, which made its world premiere at the Guangzhou Auto Show, gave the answer. The top of this German luxury car favored by Andy Lau is the new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition, which is Audi’s first D+ class luxury flagship model. However, in such a luxury car market full of German blood, why can the new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition be called the “ceiling” of German luxury cars? Is it because of its persistence?

D+ class flagship market, Audi up

Behind the all-new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition is another brand-up exploration by Audi on the basis of 7 million+ Chinese consumers. In the Chinese market, German luxury brands, led by ABB, account for nearly 70% of the luxury car market. They control the absolute right to speak, represent the luxury quality of luxury cars, and are also benchmarks in the luxury car market, and the competition between them can be said to be quite fierce. If you want to have more right to speak, the only way to go is to brand up. Once upon a time, the arrival of the new Audi A8L Horch Founder Edition brought more praise and applause to Audi in the luxury car market.

The status of the “ceiling” of German luxury cars

Now, the arrival of the new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition will also lead Audi to its peak. Audi will start with the all-new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition, and fully open the way for the brand to continue upward. Many people predict that the new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition will directly compete with the Maybach S-Class in the future. But the difference is that the new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition is a comprehensive upgrade of Audi based on the base of 7 million+ consumers in China. Since Audi entered China in 1988, it has developed rapidly, and now it has become the first and only luxury car brand in China with a sales volume of 7 million. To have such a huge user base is inseparable from Audi’s deep cultivation of Chinese cultural connotations and Chinese consumers’ needs. More importantly, Audi has shifted its brand strategy to China in an all-round way. These are almost unprecedented in the field of luxury cars. It can be said that Audi is already the leader of luxury brands in China. As a leader, Audi launched the new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition, which will undoubtedly achieve the “ceiling” status of its German luxury cars, and will lead Audi to develop upwards.

Make a bet in the name of the founder and be confident

Of course, Audi’s brand development is far more than this, but also stems from its strong historical heritage and the overall improvement of the brand’s tonality presented by its well-detailed design. The new Audi A8L Horch Founders Edition is a car named after Audi founder Horch. In the 1930s, the Horch brand model founded by Horch was once a luxury car that many celebrities and aristocrats dreamed of. Later, Horch created Audi. With innovative technology, he created one industry legend after another, such as the champion of the Austrian Alps International Rally Car Race and the world’s first 6-cylinder engine car. Horch’s contribution to the automotive industry has always been remembered. His pursuit of dreams, obsession with technology, and the spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of the ultimate will always affect the development of the Audi brand. The new Audi A8L Horch Founder Edition named after the founder is the best continuation of the Horch spirit. Every part of the new generation Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition car reflects Audi’s pursuit of the ultimate, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate feeling of Audi’s upward movement.

Horch’s initial promise to people when he established the car brand was “I am determined to produce only luxury cars with excellent power and high quality under any circumstances.” And the Audi brand has always pursued the top no matter what hardships it has experienced since its establishment. Technology, Audi, which insists on building luxury cars with technology, has this commitment in addition to its persistence. It is precisely because of this commitment that Andy Lau’s favored A8Lhorch Founder’s Edition has the confidence to become the “ceiling” of luxury cars. The brand-new Audi A8L Horch Founder’s Edition brand is upward, and the brand label of Audi’s luxury with technology is built more firmly because it uses the name of Horch as a bet.