Android users buy iPhone 14PM, don’t worry, understand the two experiences before making a decision

Android users buy iPhone 14 Pro Max, don’t worry! The reason for this suggestion is that the content I want to talk about below may be of great help to you when you choose an opportunity. In other words, it is not too late to make a decision after understanding the two experiences.

Experience 1: Signal

As far as I know, Android users who switch to the iOS camp and use iPhones are very concerned about signal issues. Of course, this situation is also related to the continuous talk about the phenomenon of poor iPhone mobile phone signal.

After all, “there is no way on earth, and as many people walk, there is a way.” Therefore, when everyone has been talking about the signal problem of the iPhone, consumers will focus on whether the signal of the iPhone is good or not.

At present, many consumers, including Android users, have a stereotyped perception of Apple’s iPhone, which does not rule out “the signal strength is not as good as that of Android phones.” So, how is the signal of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in my personal experience?

To be fair, the signal of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in dual-SIM dual standby mode will be unsatisfactory, and the signal strength of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in the single-SIM state will be better.

However, in either state, the network speed of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is still in line with my expectations. Maybe it has something to do with my area. Living in the city, Android users have no signal problems to worry about when they switch to iPhone 14 Pro Max. Also, be aware that I haven’t tested the phone’s signal in environments like high-speed rail.

According to my experience with iPhone over the years, in fact, the signal of Apple’s mobile phone has always been like that, neither the best nor the worst.

Otherwise, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will not be favored by so many people after they are released. Seriously, Apple’s mobile phones may not be able to iterate over the iPhone 14 series, right?

Experience 2: Charging and battery life

Before Android users switch to iPhone 14 Pro Max, in addition to the issue of signal, it is necessary to understand the charging speed and battery life.

As far as my experience with the iPhone 14 Pro Max is concerned, the charging speed of this phone cannot be compared to that of an Android phone. Not to mention the 120W fast charging technology equipped with the Android flagship, even the 67W flash charging technology can crush the charging rate of the iPhone 14 Pro Max to the ground. Therefore, Android users should be prepared for this.

The battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is still very good in my opinion. Further, if I go out in the morning with a fully charged iPhone 14 Pro Max and use it for a whole day under the 5G network, at least there will be no battery life anxiety. From the data point of view, the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 100% power can be used for about 9-10 hours. According to 10 hours of use a day, 10% of the power consumption is basically 1 hour.

In contrast, I personally feel that the battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is quite satisfactory. Of course, if you feel that this battery life still does not meet your needs, then it is estimated that the smartphones on the market are not good enough.

For the performance configuration of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, in fact, Android users do not need to worry. Because Apple A16 chip + 6GB storage + 6.7-inch screen (supports ProMotion adaptive refresh rate technology and all-weather display function) + rear 48-megapixel triple-camera lens + smart island, the iPhone 14 ProMax has been placed in the first echelon of high-end smartphones . The other is the price, and it is recommended that Android users who want to change have their money ready.

To sum up, my opinion is that if Android users want to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max, they must understand the two experiences mentioned above. Assuming I can accept it, I don’t think it’s too late to decide to start. On the contrary, don’t try iOS easily, and you spend a lot of money, mainly because the process of tossing back and forth is more troublesome. What do you think?