Analyze the types and grades of neck lines

Neck lines are wrinkles on the human neck. Luo Jun, director of the Micro Plastic Surgery Center of Chongqing Time Plastic and Cosmetology Hospital, said that there are two reasons for neck lines. One is the aging of epidermal cells, the reduction of water, and the collapse of the cell body; the other is the shrinkage of connective tissue. , Collagen reduction.

There are many types of neck lines, the more common ones are:

Aging neck lines

Causes: The loss of collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis of the neck skin, and the aging of epidermal keratinocytes are the causes of aging neck lines.

bow neck

Cause: Most of this type of neck lines are caused by bad habits in daily life. For example: looking down at the phone for a long time, reading a book. Generally speaking, the lines produced under normal conditions will disappear, but the skin of the neck is often dented, which will form static lines when the neck is not moving.

Fat neck lines

Cause: Most of these cases are caused by obesity or genetic factors. Fat-type wrinkles have nothing to do with aging, generally because the subcutaneous fat is thicker.

natural neck lines

Reason: Many beauty seekers are born with neck lines, and it is particularly obvious. Most of this situation is caused by genetic factors.

In addition to understanding the causes and types of neck wrinkles, in fact, neck wrinkles are also graded, and you can improve them according to your own severity.

Inconspicuous neck lines

Performance characteristics: Insignificant wrinkles or almost invisible fine lines, just do basic hydration and maintenance every day.

Slight neck lines

Performance characteristics: relatively shallow but visible wrinkles, mild crease, daily basic moisturizing and maintenance can reduce bad habits such as bowing.

medium wrinkles

Performance characteristics: medium-depth wrinkles, creases are visible under natural conditions, and the creases disappear when stretched. This is a static wrinkle.

Obvious neck lines

Performance characteristics: long and deep wrinkles, creases are obvious, and the creases do not disappear when stretched.

Particularly noticeable neck lines

Symptoms: Deep wrinkles, showing drooping wrinkles, skin may stack. This type is more complex and requires doctors to customize the plan and comprehensively improve it.

Luo Jun reminds that there is no shortcut to neck anti-aging, and daily maintenance is indispensable. Breaking bad habits can reduce the occurrence of neck lines. (Contributed by Chongqing Time Plastic Surgery Hospital)

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