Analysis of the skills of the King of Glory tank Xiahou Dun, the cooling flow Xiahou strikes strongly

Hello everyone, Xiahou Dun is a more versatile hero in the Glory of Kings. It is reasonable to be a tank, but the output is still high. The most important thing is that his passive skills can restore blood, so he doesn’t need to go back to the city at all. Often in team battles, they can take a lot of damage for their teammates, and they can retreat completely. There are almost no tank heroes that can compare with it.

Learn about his skills. Passive: When the HP is lower than 50%, each skill or normal attack hits the target will restore 3% of the maximum HP. 8 seconds duration; maximum once every 30 seconds. 1 Skill slashes a blade wind in the specified direction, causing physical damage to the enemies on the path and reducing their movement speed. If the blade wind hits the hero, you can swing the big knife again to release the heroic slash in the direction of the specified range, causing physical damage and hitting the enemies within the range. Fly for 1 second. 2 After the skill is released, he will gain a shield that can be deducted equal to 15% of his extra maximum health and deal magic damage to surrounding enemies, and his next three normal attacks will add 1 true damage; each attack will reduce the damage of the ultimate move. Cooldown time.

The ultimate move throws a chain blade in the designated target direction. The chain blade will fly to the designated position or hit the enemy, causing physical damage and pulling itself to the chain blade position. During the period, it will not be controlled, and the first enemy hit will be stunned for 1 In seconds, running away and chasing people is so easy.

Skill 1 can quickly clear the line to support teammates, and skill 2 can be turned on when hitting people to increase output and absorb damage. The big move can be used to keep people, and you can also use wild monsters and buildings to move and escape. In team battles, it is best to use the big move to open a team, it is best to keep the enemy’s back row heroes, and use the second stage of skill 1 to control, while outputting more to protect teammates and better output.

Xiahou in the canyon can be said to be a strong hero, with meat and output, and a weapon for team battles. The setting of this hero is worthy of his eyes. Generally speaking, Xiahou’s positioning is support and top order. No matter what it is, Xiahou has to pile meat, and Xiahou in meat is the choice of most players, but with the changes in the version and the changes of various heroes, Xiahou’s outfits are also changing. The previous pure meat Xiahou is no longer popular, and the “cooling flow” Xiahou is the best choice for this version.

We know that the core skill of “Cooling Stream” is Xiahou’s second skill, Tornado Flash. Gain a 15% shield. This shield can be said to be the key to supporting the entire tactical play. When the CD is reduced to a minimum, Xiahou’s shields can basically be said to be connected one by one. For those expendable warriors, junglers, and shooters Speaking of which, this is simply a nightmare, I am not at all cowardly, I am still fleshy. Secondly, it is the real damage attached to the three basic attacks after the shield. Although it is not much, it can’t sustain it. Then, the basic attack can reduce the cd of the ultimate move. The cross use of the ultimate move and the second skill will control and damage. You can play it, and you can play a few more sets. No one can bear such a consumption.

The core equipment of “cooling flow” is the extremely cold storm (ice core). +20% cooldown reduction, making the skill CD shorter; +500 max mana, making the blue bar longer; +360 physical defense, making the health bar thicker. Moreover, its only passive – Bing Xin, is triggered when it takes more than 10% of the current health value to avoid being instantly killed. Then, you can consume him with peace of mind, or even kill him.

Let’s talk to you about Xiahou’s inscription skills!

Blue Meditation*10 Green Hawkeye*10 Red Fate*10, the advantage of matching the inscription like this is that when Xiahou hits the road in the early stage, whether it is clearing or defending, this combination is perfect, even if there is a jungler to catch , he also has the ability to fight back!

Let’s talk about Xiahou’s costume skills with you!

Extreme Cold Storm, Boots of Calmness, Shadow Battle Axe, Star Broken Hammer, Guardian Armor, Violent Armor, surrounding the core extreme cold storm in the early stage, whether it is laning consumption or teamwork to catch people, these are A very perfect outfit, cooldown CD, attack, crit, plus Xiahou’s shield, almost no one can beat him, Xiahou Dun can only release the second attack when he hits the enemy hero with skill 1. fly enemy

Let’s talk about Xia Hou’s style of play!

Xiahou Dun is always in the center of the melee, using the ultimate move to start a group, it is best to keep the enemy’s key heroes, and use the second stage of skill 1 to control the AOE to keep people, and it is better to protect teammates while outputting. output, what do you think about it? Comments welcome.