An explosion occurred when a police station in Hebei was sampling fireworks and firecrackers. 4 people were killed, 2 were lost, and 5 people were being treated.

At about 16:00 on May 26, 2023, the police from the Zangtun Police Station in Dacheng County exploded while sampling and identifying fireworks and firecrackers suspected of illegal trading. After preliminary verification, 11 people were involved in the scene. At present, 9 people have been searched and rescued, 5 of whom are being treated, and 4 have no vital signs; 2 people have lost contact and are doing their best to search and rescue.

After the incident, the comrades in charge of the province, city, and county immediately rushed to the scene to organize rescue, and various aftermath disposal work is actively advancing.

People’s Government of Dacheng County

May 27, 2023

(Source: People’s Government of Dacheng County)