An exclusive interview with Chen Xiaoping, founder of Yunmi: Realizing the usefulness and usefulness of the whole house

With the improvement of living standards, people are moving from “living where they live” to “living where they live”. They are not satisfied with traditional operating equipment, and are more inclined to new active and intelligent AI products. The smart home industry has entered a booming stage of development. stage.

Yunmi combines software and hardware, and constantly innovates around intelligence. In March this year, it proposed a one-stop whole-house intelligent solution: “1=N44”, and today released “AI: Helpful2.0” after half a year. , let AI land at home, and realize the “Helpful useful and easy to use” of whole house intelligence. We had the honor to have an exclusive interview with Chen Xiaoping, the founder and CEO of Yunmi, and made an in-depth interpretation of the new products, concepts and development strategy of Yunmi at this conference.

1 Whole house intelligence has entered an inflection point, and the “extreme customer group” has changed to “pan-group”

Contemporary young people have now become the main force of consumption. Consumers’ acceptance and expectations of intelligence are rapidly increasing. Driven by the intelligence of new energy vehicles, they have entered the era of intelligence as a whole, and more and more intelligent Equipment has penetrated into all aspects of young people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, ushering in a huge period of opportunity.

IDC predicts that 260 million smart home devices will be shipped in China in 2022, and will maintain a rapid growth of 15%-25% in the next five years. During his visit to the market, Chen Xiaoping found that more than 10% of users in provincial capitals are actively purchasing smart products, and each person owns more than 3 smart devices. And Chen Xiaoping believes that whole-house intelligence can simplify user selection. In the future development trend, intelligent and integrated capabilities will become the mainstream in the future, and will also be the choice trend and direction of the younger generation. This also means that the main consumption force of smart products has changed from “extreme customer group” to “pan-group”, forming a new inflection point for whole-house intelligence.

And the whole house smart users can change from “extreme customer group” to “pan-group”, Chen Xiaoping believes that the main reason is “its function is very simple, voice interaction is also very simple, and semantic understanding ability is also very strong”. Yunmi has also been working hard to help users solve some problems encountered in smart life. Yunmi breaks the boundary between home appliances and smart homes, realizes interconnection between products, and forms a complete integration. By providing one-stop door-to-door installation and services, it simplifies users’ choices and lowers the threshold for use. thought.

Yunmi is positioned as a trendy technology brand. Based on user needs, it continuously strengthens product research and development, style and function. It combines software, hardware, and intelligent perception and interaction capabilities to continuously improve the functionality, innovation, and experience of products. The pain points faced in life meet people’s pursuit of a better quality of life.

2 AI: Helpful2.0 goes deep into every family scene to make life healthier and smarter

Product is the key to brand development, and it is also the entrance for users to understand a brand. Yunmi puts the intelligence and innovation of products in the most important position, brings users a better user experience by combining software and hardware, and turns products into a complete solution through services.

From the current point of view, Yunmi’s “one-stop whole-house intelligence” solution is relatively mature. The “1=N44” proposed at this spring’s press conference makes the whole-house smart devices more efficient and proactive in serving people. In 2018, Yunmi released Helpful 2.0 again, making the whole house smarter, more fashionable, more technological, and more able to solve the pain points of users. Chen Xiaoping told us, “What Yunmi pursues in the future is not about technical barriers, but more about understanding the needs of users, so with the concept of AI: Helpful, we will continue to deepen AI: Helpful and use AI intelligence on this basis. Solve problems for users”, and “Yunmi held the autumn AI software launch conference to continuously innovate and iterate in the dimension of AI.”

In the stage of AI: Helpful 2.0, Yunmi is iterating on its products from four dimensions of health care, energy conservation and environmental protection, active intelligence, and natural interaction, so that AI can be implemented at home, and the whole house intelligence “Helpful is useful and easy to use”.

take care of health

Starting from the four home use scenarios of air health, food health, drinking water and water health, and bathing health, Yunmi innovatively launched Yunmi AI Formaldehyde Removing Air Conditioner Master, AI Global Air Air Conditioner SpacePro, Yunmi AI Large-screen Refrigerator Boss, Yunmi AI Mi AI mineral water purifier EROx, Yunmi AI gas water heater Super2 Max and other products. On October 25, at the Yunmi Autumn AI Software Conference, Yunmi founder and CEO Chen Xiaoping also introduced various smart products in detail.

When talking about the design of the AI ​​ingredient compartment carried by the Yunmi AI large-screen refrigerator Boss, Chen Xiaoping introduced that “it is not a cold refrigerator. Its integrated mirror design and screen interaction ability make you feel very fashionable and technological.” The location of the food stored in the Yunmi AI large-screen refrigerator Boss will be truly mapped through the UI interface, and the temperature of each compartment can be precisely controlled to create a more comfortable and healthy home environment for users.

Energy saving and environmental protection

A green and low-carbon lifestyle is becoming a new trend in the current society, and energy conservation, environmental protection, and low carbon have become more and more important trends. In the AI: Helpful2.0 stage, energy conservation and environmental protection are one of the core standards for whole-house intelligence.

The Yunmi water heater and Yunmi AI water purifier Space launched at this conference adhere to the core standards of energy saving and environmental protection, which can effectively save water resources. In addition, Yunmi also launched the AlphaX AI super-vision sensing radar, which can automatically control the on and off of equipment by accurately sensing people’s existence state, movement, movement trajectory, heartbeat or breathing, etc., to truly achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

Active intelligence

More active and intelligent AI new products are more in line with people’s expectations for the intelligent era. Facing the current popular housework and home security issues, at this conference, Yunmi has achieved a number of breakthroughs in active intelligence. In addition to launching new products such as Yunmi AI sweeping and dragging robot and Yunmi AI smart door lock Super2, Yunmi also uses AI technology to create an intelligent security system for the whole house, covering gas leakage monitoring, water leakage monitoring, door and window intrusion monitoring, and smoke monitoring4 The big scene, from the inside out, guards the warm home.

For a long time, Yunmi has continuously understood the needs of users through the data in the background, understood the behavior of users, and optimized active intelligence. Chen Xiaoping explained that “these have changed from passive intelligence in the past to active intelligence. This is the second stage of intelligence, which we call 2.0 capabilities.”

natural interaction

The newly upgraded Yunmi HomeMap? 2.0 has three functions: single device management, whole house scene management, and family member interaction. It can customize 9 whole house scene plans, and also realize the 3D visualization of the whole house, and generate the whole house 3D through AI automatic modeling. Model, users can customize the whole house scene mode, lighting, environment display and other shortcut cards, making the operation more convenient, allowing users to control the whole house at a glance.

Not only that, Yunmi has solved the problem of multi-device networking and the interaction between people and devices through OneTouch 2.0 and Yunmi AI voice assistant Xiao V? 3.0, allowing people to achieve a natural interaction experience with home and easier use .

As a very important smart speaker product in the smart home, Chen Xiaoping believes that it is not a product, but a capability. This capability will be rooted in every product and scene of Yunmi, making voice interaction simpler and more suitable for people. Features, the smart threshold will also be lower.

It is understood that Yunmi has continued to deepen the market of whole-house intelligence, based on providing one-stop solutions for young people, and has formed some product portfolios and product service capabilities of its own. At present, Yunmi serves more than 7 million households, and more than 2 million households have purchased Yunmi’s complete sets of home appliances. In addition, Yunmi also launched a 100 million yuan villa solution, covering 20 smart scenarios, including 308 smart home appliances and smart home products, breaking through the “ceiling” of the domestic high-end smart home market.

We also believe that Yunmi can solve more scene problems for users through continuous product optimization and upgrade.

3 Deepen cultivation on the road of intelligentization and promote the landing of intelligent technologists

In order to improve the intelligent experience of products, different manufacturers have chosen different solutions. When asked about the future development of Yunmi, Chen Xiaoping pointed out that Yunmi’s Helpful2.0 is the spatial perception of 5G/6G, including the improvement of AI algorithms and voice capabilities. Based on natural interaction, we will continue to deepen and improve, and launch more product experiences and better innovation capabilities, and this will be a process of continuous innovation.

In addition, he said that “1=N44” is a summary refinement of Yunmi’s whole-house intelligence in the past few years. In the next few years, Yunmi will continue to focus on the improvement of 4 kinds of capabilities and 4 kinds of services, and continue to deepen the market of whole-house intelligence. , and will be interconnected with more home appliances, home furnishing brands and smart car brands to jointly form a complete interconnected experience of “people-car-home”.

Facing the opportunity of intelligence, Yunmi released more than a dozen new products in succession before the arrival of Double Eleven, covering air conditioners, refrigerators, sweeping robots and other categories, and set up intelligent solutions at different price ranges, fully Meet the individual needs of different families, and actively participate in the double 11 activities of the e-commerce platform and offline promotion policies, so as to achieve intelligent promotion through all channels, so that users can see that intelligence includes not only hardware products, but also intelligent software services. Intelligent technology home landing.

Not only that, Chen Xiaoping believes that in addition to product innovation, service capabilities are very important. In order to provide better services, Yunmi will cooperate with some regional leading home appliance companies to promote the whole-house intelligence. At present, Yunmi is also building experience stores for investment promotion nationwide, striving to achieve “one store in one city” and provide users with large-scale The scene-based experience store allows every consumer to enjoy the immersive experience of the whole house, one-to-one solution design and landing services near their home, providing users with all-round protection.

4 write at the end

In the 5G era, many users are still skeptical about whether they need whole-house intelligence. The bigger reason is that in the past smart home appliances and smart home solutions, the degree of intelligence is not high, and most of them are single-product intelligence and passive intelligence. , unable to meet the actual needs of consumers.

Yunmi has always focused on product research and development. Through data calculation, algorithm optimization, and data accumulation, continuous optimization, from single product intelligence to today’s one-stop whole-house intelligence, products have also changed from passive waiting for iteration to active service, and further AI has transformed into active intelligence and entered the stage of intelligence 2.0. Yunmi is committed to creating a more comfortable and healthy home environment, which will further promote the implementation of smart homes in China.

I also believe that Yunmi will work with more partners in the future to jointly promote the development of the whole-house intelligent industry, and develop and polish more abundant and intelligent products for us.