An earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred in Luding County, Sichuan. Local residents: The chandelier is shaking, and people are a little unstable

Beijing News (Reporter Wu Mengzhen) According to CCTV news, at 3:49 on January 26, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake occurred in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with a focal depth of 11 kilometers. At 8 o’clock on January 26, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Sichuan Provincial Fire Brigade that no reports of casualties or house collapses have been received yet. Rescue teams from the Ganzi and Ya’an detachments have rushed to the epicenter to carry out search and rescue. The nearby Moxi Town and Yanzigou Town conducted disaster investigation.

Rescuers are investigating the damage to the house. Source: Sichuan Fire Official Weibo

When the earthquake happened, Ms. Luo, a tourist from Chongqing, was on the second floor of a hotel in Ganzi County. She told the Beijing News reporter that she was woken up by “shaking”. “The earthquake warning device on the mobile phone kept ringing, and the air in the room smelled of falling wall ash. The shock was only felt for a few seconds, so I ran down quickly. I found that there was only one person downstairs.” Although there have been several earthquakes before, the tremors were very slight, and this time “is the strongest one”. At present, Ms. Luo has left Luding safely.

Ms. Chen lives in Dewei Town, Luding County, which is adjacent to Moxi Town. When the earthquake hit, she was sleeping when she suddenly felt her house shake violently. “The chandelier in the room was shaking, and people were a little unsteady,” Ms. Chen told the reporter. The earthquake lasted for six or seven seconds. Before 8:00 in the morning, she felt eight or nine aftershocks. “I haven’t closed my eyes since I woke up. Fortunately, there is no loss at home.”

At 8:00 a.m. on January 26, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Sichuan Provincial Fire Brigade that after the earthquake, the command center of the Sichuan Fire Brigade dispatched rescue immediately, launched a cross-regional rescue plan, and dispatched Luding County in Ganzi and Shimian County in Ya’an City to rush forward. The team rushed to the epicenter to check the disaster situation, and dispatched the Ganzi and Ya’an earthquake rescue teams to the epicenter to carry out search and rescue. At the same time, the earthquake rescue teams of Chengdu, Leshan, and Meishan were ordered to gather and prepare for departure.

According to the official Weibo news of the Sichuan Provincial Seismological Bureau, earthquake experts comprehensively analyzed that the epicenter of the earthquake was located near the Moxi Fault in the southeastern section of the Xianshuihe Fault Zone. , the distance between the two epicenters is 8 kilometers.

Edited by Peng Chong, proofread by Liu Jun