An addictive alternative chicken-eating game, players say they can’t survive without playing for two days, and now it’s going to stop

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In the era when the channel is king, sometimes the popularity of the game is not proportional to the quality. Some bad street games can make money lying down because they have channel support. Because some featured games have no channels, no matter how good their reputation is, they are still struggling.

Recently, a well-known word-eating chicken game has become cold.

“Black Survivor” is produced by Nimble Neuron. It is a mobile PC dual-platform AVG strategy competitive game on the national server in March 2019. Players need to find suitable equipment on an isolated island, defeat other players and beasts, and finally eat chicken.

The game once saw a 200% increase in users within a week, with a peak simultaneous online player of 4.3W, which was once prosperous in the game anchor. Even the official server was crowded due to the large number of people, and a statement was specially issued.

Recently, the official suddenly announced that it will be suspended on December 8. The official did not explain the reason for the outage, but according to players’ speculation, it should be due to the lack of game popularity. Steam currently has less than 100 daily active players.

Although eating chicken with text does not sound as exciting as other chicken-eating games, it is not difficult to play at all, and it is a test of IQ. Because there are a lot of illegal equipment combinations in the game, and the player only has 6 backpacks, which requires players to constantly make choices based on their own equipment and the situation of their opponents.

The game’s brain-burning gameplay, coupled with good-quality character portraits, has attracted a large number of players.

The unique text-eating chicken game is very attractive, as long as you are familiar with the synthesis and operation, you will be addicted, so there are many players with hundreds or even thousands of hours in the game.

Some players bluntly said that if they don’t play for one day, they feel uncomfortable, and if they don’t play for two days, they can’t live.

However, it is a pity that this game is originally a niche, and there is no strong channel for blood transfusion to the game, and the number of players continues to decrease over time. Nowadays, it takes an average of one or two minutes to match a game in the game, and it is very easy to match the big players. It is difficult for newcomers to survive and integrate into the game, which further exacerbates the loss of players.

Many players expressed sadness about the game’s outage. Some old players who have been playing since 2015 said that they had been working as a social animal since they were in the third year of junior high school. The outage of the game made him cry. There are also players who came into contact with “Black Survivor” during the epidemic. Now that the epidemic is not over, the game will leave first.

If “Black Survivor” has a powerful channel like Tencent, it may not be so cold so quickly, such as “Conquest and Domination” by Tencent, this game began to rot after a month of public beta, and the game appeared unable to log in a few months later. In this case, even if the game was messed up like this, it took more than a year to stop the server. There is also “MapleStory 2”, which collapsed after opening the server. It took five years to operate under the blessing of Tencent before it announced the suspension of the server.

Younger brother 嘠蘠公: These days, Jiuxiang is also afraid of deep alleys, especially if this alley in your home is not connected to the main road, so everyone finds their favorite games, play them seriously, and support independent games more. Author, maybe one day we will say goodbye.

A positive question: What would happen if “Black Survivor” had Tencent’s blessing?