Amorepacific participates in the CIIE for the fifth time, and customized products and services may land in the Chinese market

Recently, the world-renowned beauty company Amorepacific will participate in the exhibition for the fifth time with the theme of “Creating a Smart and Beautiful Future Together”. This year is the 30th year of Amorepacific’s entry into China. This time, the group will bring its seven major brands and more than 500 pieces. The exhibits and nearly 20 first-launch new products fully demonstrate the achievements in the fields of R&D innovation, digital strategy and sustainable operation over the past 30 years.

Seven major brands of Amorepacific Group’s Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mengzhuang, Innisfree, Fulimina, Lu and Meishangxuan gathered at the Expo with many new debut products and star products. It is expected that more than 500 exhibits will be displayed on site, covering Trendy makeup, skin care and hair care products. Leading the trend of Asia and the vane of science and technology. Huang Yongmin, President of Amorepacific China, said, “As an old friend of the CIIE, in order to actively respond to the themes of ‘beauty black technology’ and ‘green and sustainable’, we will bring a number of new products and products to this year’s CIIE. The first show of black technology.” The young skin brand Laneige, which is popular among Chinese consumers, is the beauty firming and rejuvenating triple condensing essence, and the Fremena moisturizing and luminous essence that uses technology to extend the power of nature. The new product will make its global debut through the platform of the CIIE. High-end skin care brand Sulwhasoo’s ace star product “Moisturizing Essence” (full name: Sulwhasoo Moisturizing Serum Primer) 25th anniversary limited edition packaging will meet Chinese consumers for the first time.

In addition, with the high support of the Korean headquarters, a variety of personalized and customized beauty black technologies, as well as green installations that convey the concept of environmental protection and sustainability will also appear at the Expo, many of which won the 2021 and 2022 CES Innovation Awards technology, these installations are also the group’s first exhibition in overseas markets. At this year’s CIIE, Amorepacific will also bring cutting-edge beauty technology, sustainable innovation practices and the world’s premiere and China’s premiere new products of its popular brands. In addition, “Mind-linked Bathbot”, a personal customization service for bathing agents based on user emotions, “Formularity”, a functional lotion instant customization device that won the Innovation Award in the CES 2021 Health & Wellness field, can provide customers with Personalized beauty black technology including “BESPOKE NEO”, the personal customization service for the most suitable air cushion and liquid foundation, and “Refill Station”, which is popular in South Korea’s “AMORE STORE Gwanggyo” store and conveys the concept of environmental protection and sustainability “, is also the group’s first exhibition in overseas markets.

As the first company in the Korean cosmetics industry to join the RE100 initiative, Amorepacific strives to achieve carbon neutrality in its global production sites. At present, Amore (Shanghai) Beauty Park, as a national-level green factory, is constantly exploring its own emission reduction potential, and has successfully achieved the use of 100% green electricity, achieving the Group’s carbon neutrality goal ahead of schedule.

Huang Yongmin, President of Amorepacific China, revealed that the group’s recently released “A MORE Beautiful Promise” set five goals around the two centers of “walking with customers, society” and “harmonious coexistence with nature”: First, 100% of new products reflect environmental/social friendly attributes and advocate the values ​​of diversity and inclusion; second, achieve carbon neutrality in global production sites and zero waste to landfill; third, reduce product packaging The amount of plastic in the material, the plastic packaging material is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable; fourth, protect biodiversity, use RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil, etc.; fifth, in research and development, production, Transportation, sales and other links are all done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water use, promote resource recycling and reuse, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption per unit of product. Among them, carbon neutrality, plastic reduction and other goals all respond to China’s Policy and social development direction, and will be implemented step by step in the Chinese market.

Huang Yongmin, President of Amorepacific China

With the gradual improvement of Chinese consumers’ sense of national pride and identity, and the rise of the national tide culture, more and more Chinese consumers are more and more fond of local elements. Many well-known brands under Amorepacific, including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Innisfree, etc., have successively launched many limited-edition products incorporating Chinese elements, which are loved and sought after by the majority of Chinese consumers. For example, in 2020, the high-end washing and care brand “Lu” took inspiration from the intangible cultural heritage, and joined hands with the Suzhou Museum to launch the “Luodian” limited gift box. Li Runxia, ​​director of Amorepacific (Shanghai) Research Institute, revealed that the limited edition packaging of Sulwhasoo star product Moisturizing Essence, which will be launched at this CIIE, is inspired by traditional Chinese white porcelain to convey the beauty that is untouched by time. In the upcoming 2022 Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, Innisfree will join hands with Chinese illustrator Sun Jiayi to launch the 2022 Innisfree Tide Playing Tiger Limited Edition with a festive atmosphere. The large area of ​​red and gold rendering creates a strong Spring Festival joy breath.

Li Runxia, ​​Director of Amorepacific (Shanghai) Research Institute


With the rapid development of the Chinese market and the continuous upgrading of consumption, the segmented market of beauty cosmetics has undergone tremendous changes, and the needs of Chinese consumers have become increasingly diversified. In this regard, Li Runxia believes that it is very important to understand customer needs and market trends before innovating. “Chinese consumers also have customized expectations for the current black technology, and there is also a demand for beauty equipment that improves efficacy. Therefore, our research in this area is in Constantly upgrading.” He shared, “In the future, innovations and breakthroughs in the beauty industry will grow through connections and exchanges with other industries. For example, we can apply aerospace technology to cosmetics technology, or apply technology from the battery industry to Beauty equipment. Therefore, Amorepacific also wants to further expand exchanges with Chinese academia, venture capital and external institutions, strengthen cooperation, explore new opportunities, and realize technological innovation.”

In the future, Amorepacific will continue to listen to the voices of consumers, continue to develop products and optimize the experience, so as to provide Chinese consumers with diversified products and services that meet their expectations. For example, by strengthening high-end product lines, launching high-efficiency products, using C2B to innovate and develop new products, brand image and product upgrades, etc., to better adapt to the post-epidemic era and the consumer needs and lifestyles of young people.

The 5th CIIE will open up huge market consumption space for the world, build a platform for technological innovation cooperation and exchange by gathering global technology and trendy products, promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain, and better serve and meet the needs of domestic consumption upgrades. China is one of Amorepacific’s largest overseas markets. During the 30 years of growing together with the Chinese market, the Group’s beauty business in China has also continued to develop and expand, creating a steady stream of beauty value for Chinese consumers.