Among the five popular TV series currently on the air, “News Queen” ranks last, and “Extraordinary Doctor” ranks second

Among the five popular TV series currently on the air, “News Queen” ranks last, and “Extraordinary Doctor” ranks second

Part 5 “News Queen”

Starring: Charmaine Sheh, Ma Guoming

Plot review: Hong Kong dramas teach us to be heroines and teach us that women must have a career. Domestic dramas make us have illusory dreams of being the little wife of the boss. There is a saying in the play that is very good, find a man to marry. Although the protagonist is not young and has deep nasolabial folds, it does not affect the viewing of the drama at all. The girls in it are all working hard for their careers, like Xu Shiqing and Xiaowei, they are all careerists who want to work hard to climb to a high position. After all, it’s not the kind of domestic drama where men and women compete for each other. Some people may say that internal fighting is a bit unreal and is really a joke. Wherever there are people, there are calculations. For example, before going out into society, in a university dormitory, eight people would rather be in four or five small groups? In short, it can be said to be the best Hong Kong drama this year, bar none.

Part 4 “The Black and White Code”

Starring: Wang Ziqi, Tian Yu

Plot review: The reason why “The Black and White Code” is so enjoyable to watch is not only the sense of urgency brought by the “I chase you and escape” police film, but also the suspense brought by the confusing plot. Crime-themed stories are inherently brilliant, and coupled with the many clues of the “Northwest Wolf” and the police who have been “in love” and killed each other for many years, there are no “useless” characters in “The Black and White Code”, and everyone is involved in the fate. Entering the whirlpool of storms that arose at an unknown time in the Gobi, intertwined and blurred, there is a wonderful narrative of peeling off silk and cocoons. In addition, all the fighting scenes in the play are meticulously detailed and not sloppy. The pictures are very realistic and shocking, and they are all refreshing. With such a cool drama, one can’t help but look forward to the ending of each character.

The third part “Peace is like a dream”

Starring: Bai Lu, Zhang Linghe

Plot comment: My biggest impression after watching the first half is that the plot is complete and clean, and the story pace is very fast, without any sloppiness. This surprised me. Moreover, the story is rich enough. Jiang Xuening’s two lives and Xie Wei’s troubled first half are all closely linked and impactful. Each character has his or her own story. Even Yan Lin is not only a bamboo horse, but many details also show that he is a young man with the ambition of conquering the country. Although cp is very popular, there are actually very few love scenes. Everyone is serious about their careers, and sparks are generated in the intersection. It is not a mindless love, which is good. So, overall, it’s well worth watching. Those who haven’t watched it can go and have a look!

Part 2 “Extraordinary Doctor”

Starring: Zhang Wanyi, Jiang Peiyao

Plot review: This is the first time I like a medical drama so much. It depicts human nature and the joys and sorrows that happen in the hospital in a very real and moving way. It touches people’s hearts. I couldn’t help crying several times because of the high tear level. Not only the plot, but also the performance of the actors in the play are also very good, making the audience really feel the sincerity and sincerity. I have watched other versions, but I think they are far less touching and direct to the soul than The Extraordinary Doctor. I really don’t understand what I am doing by using other versions to criticize domestic dramas. I admire other countries’ versions and no one will stop you from watching them. , but good domestic dramas require praise, support, and cultural confidence. Why can’t domestic dramas be good? There is always prejudice. I don’t want good domestic dramas to be buried.

Part 1 “In Time Like Fire”

Starring: Han Dongjun, Jia Hongxiao

Plot review: I followed six episodes in one go, and it was unexpectedly good. The interview at the beginning of each episode provides a retrospective perspective that is both informative and critical. The costumes and art are exquisite, creating an atmosphere of the 1980s. The story begins with the urban scene in the alleys and streets, and then gradually unfolds the world of rough rivers and lakes, with a fierce and fierce energy. What’s even more surprising is the group portraits and action scenes. The escort Zhong Yunan was shot thrillingly and with a sense of passion. In addition, He Erqing is fierce, cruel, and unruly. His appearance further enhances the drama. In the end, judging from the information revealed in the narration and opening interview, the “Five Tigers in the Alley” huddled together have their own choices in the changing times, and it is worth continuing to follow them.

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