American-made public opinion sets a timetable for China, there are 7 signs, it seems to make sense

Recently, the director of the CIA once again declared that the People’s Liberation Army will be ready to retake Taiwan by 2027. In fact, this kind of voice has been said for a long time. It started to say it about a year or two ago, and it has been repeatedly hyped recently. It gives people the feeling that it is very similar to the way the United States did before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

During that time, the Americans talked about when Russia was about to start. In other words, the United States was making various arrangements in advance, and it wanted to dominate the rhythm of the situation in the Taiwan Strait. At least from the level of public opinion, this matter was repeatedly emphasized, creating a momentum and Let the outside world generally know that this is what the United States said. It gives everyone the feeling that it will create this public opinion for you in 2027.

John Culver, the former chief analyst for East Asia affairs of the CIA, is at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Seven signs, these seven signs show that if you find these seven signs, it means you are about to start, then what are these seven signs:

First, it is said that various combat missiles, as well as cruise missiles, will be mass-produced at least a year ago. The second is to strengthen the control of cross-border capital, and to liquidate and withdraw China’s overseas assets as much as possible. Third, a large number of reserves of various emergency supplies, and the reduction of related minerals, crude oil products, and exports of food, reduce the demand for oil and natural gas, and give priority to the use of military products. Fourth, China’s business class and highly in-demand workers will be restricted from going abroad. Fifth, carry out comprehensive stop-loss operations one year in advance, such as stopping the discharge of these non-commissioned officers and officers in the army, as well as stopping most of the routine training and maintaining all main battle equipment. Sixth, you will find that these field hospitals are to be established near the boarding area and the airport, and then the command post will be moved to a hidden location, and the logistics force will be assembled near the boarding gate and the airport. Seventh, it is obvious that a large-scale mobilization of the whole people will be started a few months in advance, and the transportation of merchant ships and other necessary materials will be requisitioned.

To talk about these points, we have to think about it carefully. What John Culver said is actually something that must be done before any large-scale military operation. It should be regarded as a kind of common sense. What’s so strange, the problem is that now, he wants to emphasize these things on purpose. It is interesting to emphasize the basic common sense things that should be possessed in ordinary times. This is nothing more than to increase the effect of public opinion. OK, or you can increase the heat. In short, we can see that the United States is very anxious to arrange a unified timetable for China.

So far, we have insisted on peaceful reunification, and made our best efforts to this end. We have sufficient military capability, which is also an important guarantee for peaceful reunification. Even when it is absolutely necessary to complete our great cause of unification through the battle of unification, the initiative is not in your hands. It is not what you say or what you say, but it is in our hands. Like the outside world, especially the U.S. side, they will predict a year of 2022 for a while, and this year 2022 will soon pass, and then they say that the year of 2027, the year of 2035, and the predicted year of 2049, there is actually no need to listen to these, But the United States has repeatedly emphasized 2027, which is their political operation. At the same time, they are making preparations as soon as possible to intervene in the situation in the Taiwan Strait, which we should be highly vigilant about.