Almost 20 masterpieces have been sewn, and hundreds of dialects have to be installed. What are you doing so hard on the mobile game against water

With more than ten years of development, the mobile game industry has become synonymous with “making quick money” in the eyes of many businessmen. After “Yuan Shen” created a precedent with high cost and high quality, NetEase’s open world martial arts game “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game also began to try to catch up or even surpass it.





After the game opened the prediction, the official once said a lot of arrogant claims. Even directly mentioned “Yuan Shen”, obviously wanting to become a new generation of masterpieces by grasping the content well. The most attractive part of the official publicity is to integrate the highlights of nearly 20 masterpieces into the game. You must know that the weakest point of traditional mobile games is that the gameplay content is seriously insufficient. At first, many players did not believe that the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” could be done well. Until the first test some time ago, the official proved this with strength.



In the battle copy, players can experience 2D horizontal version fighting, horizontal version and other tricks, and the characteristic gameplay learned from “Street Fighter” and “Mario Odyssey”.





When it comes to serious battles, the 3D battle scenes close to the soul style, scene destruction and other highlights are also quite sincere. The excellent impact and light effects, as well as the interaction of elements that have appeared in “Genshin Impact” and “Zelda”, also give the game a sense of sight of a 3A masterpiece.



Outside of battle, players can freely explore the world, experience open-world interactions, and even experience detective gameplay comparable to Ace Attorney.



Moreover, the official also set up a rich plot, allowing each player to experience the butterfly effect mechanism, which affects the life and death of NPCs. It even learned the retrospective system in “Detroit: Become Human”, allowing players to experience different story experiences in different branches.



The appearance of gameplay is naturally easy to do well, but friends who have played open world games know that the most difficult thing to do with this type of game is the rich humanistic atmosphere. Obviously, the government has made great achievements in this regard. It stands to reason that if you want to do a good job in the open world, you cannot do without stacking materials. The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has made the craftsman spirit in the matter of stacking materials.



Take one of the most easily overlooked details in the game: the broken thoughts in the mouth of the NPC. Most players only listen to them as background sounds, but the team of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has traveled all over China, collecting styles for a year, and finding countless professional voice actors to restore the dialect tones of different regions, even one region. Different accents can be reflected.



Do you think this is fine enough? But there are even more outrageous ones. After the production team read the ancient books, the place names and terms in the Lenglian dialect, and even the names of the ingredients in the food at that time were restored. Really achieved the level of learning historical knowledge while listening to NPC chat.



There are more than 20 dialects hidden in the two city maps released so far, and these are only the people who appear in the southern cities. According to the long-term update of such games, more maps and content will be launched to infer, and it is not impossible to break through hundreds of dialects in the future.



And don’t forget, this is only the smallest detail. 70% of the content released during the official first test includes rich puzzles enough to explore for hundreds of hours, and you can see a large number of interactive puzzles almost every time you walk. Almost every NPC encountered has its own small story and branch. Although many small details are only known to players who experience the test in person due to limited test qualifications, it is not difficult to speculate that the official has prepared more surprises from the tip of the iceberg of dialect.



Having said that, do you agree with the way that the mobile game “Adverse Water Cold” competes with the top products by improving the quality of gameplay and details? Share your thoughts in the comments section.