All the guests of the love variety show are in place: Bury arrives in Xiamen with AJ, and Zhang Jiawen will show off his skills

Recently, Huya announced that the second season of “72 Hours of Heart” will be held in the second season, which caused a lot of heated discussion among netizens on the Internet. High topic, and now with the upcoming launch of the second season of “72 Hours of Heart”, many viewers are also looking forward to it, and several guests who participated in the show have also come to Xiamen, where the show is located.

As a love variety show, before the official launch of the show, no one can say which two single men and women will be able to reach the end and hold hands successfully, but before the official launch of the show, many anchors have already started the show. celebrate.

Just last night, Zisheng, as an old guest, opened a special “Last Singles Night” theme patte, and the chorus of Zisheng and Sister Watermelon made the audience feel “unfinished” after watching it. Except for Zisheng , and the newcomer AJ, who is also a guest, is not idle either.

Speaking of AJ, he recently set up “Jiangou Media”. Every day he is either with the female anchor Lianmai or has an appointment with the female anchor offline. He makes many fans feel deeply unbalanced and puzzled after watching it. : “AJ why?”

As far as the “72 Hours of Heart” program is concerned, AJ is undoubtedly a newcomer, but from the experience of flirting with girls, AJ’s experience is undoubtedly very rich. In the recent live broadcast, he seems to be with “Jiangou Media” 001. The female anchor buried in the heart has a different feeling. Although he entered “72 Hours of Heart” for the first time, the female anchor buried in the “72 Hours of Heart” was a female guest in the previous season, and also had contact with Zhang Jiawen.

In the live broadcast of the last season, Mie taught Zhang Jiawen to dance, and used Zhang Jiawen as a pole to practice pole dancing. Unfortunately, even so, in the end, the good brother Zhang Jiawen was still in love and regretted leaving.

The new season of “72 Hours of Heart” is different. Not only does it have a new lineup of female guests, but the official will also invite a heavyweight female guest. Although there are four male guests, but the current AJ and Buried Judging from the situation, there is a high probability that AJ has no way to flirt with other girls. Isn’t this a good time for Zhang Jiawen to show off his skills? After all, with the experience blessing of the previous season, I believe that Zhang Jiawen will definitely be more handy when picking up his sister.

But as for who is the heavyweight mysterious female guest, and who can become the couple that goes to the end, all interested netizens must not miss the new season of “72 Hours of Heart”, the answers to these questions can be from the 28th to the 30th Learned during the broadcast of the Japanese program.