All handmade: Jingzhou stone scoop, chrysanthemum petals, Shuhe, high bamboo section pot

Jingzhou stone scoop · all handmade raw ore red mud is dignified in the tall and straight, prudent in the unrestrained, and the whole instrument is full of charm.

Chrysanthemum petals, all handmade downhill mud pots are in the shape of round chrysanthemum petals. “Chrysanthemum Bud Pot” is intended to remind us to appreciate nature more, be peaceful and far away, and release our body and mind.

Shuhe · All handmade purple clay body with flat belly and drum, the pot meaning is stretched and clean, fully grasp its charm in form, the beauty of the lines of flowing clouds and flowing water presents a soft but not weak sense of refreshing, agile without losing its charm, thick and full of vitality .

High bamboo section · handmade / green section This pot is simple and elegant throughout, with a slender body and a rounded temperament. It gives people a sense of solidity. The spout, handle and cover button are also made of bamboo, which is vivid and natural, tall and straight. Bamboo is high, and the pot is also high, generous and decent, interesting and fresh.