Ali fell into the layoffs of Rashomon, the Hangzhou property market is not calm, and the buyers who inspected the house hesitated

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After Ali was exposed to the news of “lightning layoffs”, worries in the Hangzhou property market began to spread.

“I just found out today that the neighbors in the same community ran away in this way and at this price, leaving a unit price of 65,000 to buy, and I was in a mess in the wind while still paying the mortgage. In the afternoon, I learned that many departments of Ali had The big move will send a large number of talents to the society, which is really worse.” On May 24, the picture posted by the owner of Future Yue MAX in Sunshine City, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City on the social platform shows that a set of 89.55 square meters of three-bedroom and two-living room in the community Yuan, was sold at a total price of 3.2 million yuan and a unit price of 35,700 yuan/square meter on May 7, which was nearly 29,000 yuan/square meter lower than the owner’s purchase price.

If it was just a house, perhaps it would not have caused such an uproar. In Hangzhou, Future Joy MAX in Sunshine City, Zhongnanyuefu and Dongyuanyinfuture are known as the “Three Brothers” of Future Science and Technology City. Future Sci-Tech City is positioned as the third center of Hangzhou City, where many Internet giants gather. Ali’s headquarters moved in in 2013, and the “Three Weike Brothers” are located in the core area of ​​the Sci-Tech City, where subways, businesses and hospitals are located. Surrounded by mature supporting facilities, they are highly sought after by home buyers. For many years, they have been the benchmark of the property market in the future science and technology city.

In fact, the deep binding between Ali and a group of Internet companies and Hangzhou has ignited many property market sectors in Hangzhou, including the future science and technology city. During the rising period of the two major industries of real estate and the Internet, the gathering of a large number of high-income people quickly drove up the rent and housing prices of a sector. The Hangzhou property market even formed a “big factory law”, among which Ali has the greatest influence-Ali went to Wherever the price rises.

At this time, the transaction price of a house in Future Yue MAX in Sunshine City bottomed out at a time when rumors of Alibaba’s layoffs were rampant. There are rumors that the layoffs have affected multiple business segments under Alibaba, including Cloud Intelligent Group, Taotian Group, Cainiao, Local Life and Dawen Entertainment, with a total of 25,000 layoffs. Subsequently, Ali responded publicly on May 25 that layoffs were rumors.

Ali was involved in the layoffs of Rashomon, and the Hangzhou property market was not calm.

This wave of decline may not be the “Ali effect”

What aroused market concern was a 89.26-square-meter three-bedroom and two-living house in Future Yue MAX in Sunshine City. On May 17, the owner lowered the listing price by 1.2 million yuan, a drop of more than 25%, driving the unit price from 52,700 yuan per square meter. It fell to 3.92 yuan/square meter.

“Future Yue will definitely not be so cheap.” In the name of the owner’s listing, Times Finance consulted an intermediary of Sunshine City Future Yue MAX about the price trend of the community. The agent told Times Finance that the transaction of the house was real. However, the transaction price was fake. “The price was made low. In order to avoid tax, (actually) the customer gave more down payment.”

Another set of houses on the cusp is also special. An intermediary said that the reason why the listing price of the house was suddenly lowered by 1.2 million yuan was because “the house is on the first floor, and the price was lowered when it was not easy to sell. If there is such a price on a normal floor, it has already been robbed like crazy.”

According to the shell house search, the house was listed for the first time in September and June 2022, with an initial total price of 5.18 million yuan and a unit price of 58,000 yuan per square meter. From September 29, 2022 to May 17, 2023, a total of The listing price was lowered 4 times, and the total listing price was finally lowered from 5.18 million yuan to 3.5 million yuan, a total drop of 18,800 yuan per square meter.

Shell search shows that there are currently 118 houses for sale in Future Yue MAX in Sunshine City, and the mainstream listing price ranges from 55,000 yuan/square meter to 65,000 yuan/square meter. At the peak period, the overall listing price of the community has broken through 70,000 yuan/square meter.

However, the mainstream listing price is significantly higher than the transaction price. Different intermediaries pointed out to Times Finance that the current transaction price of Future Yue MAX in Sunshine City is basically around 50,000 yuan per square meter, and according to the historical transaction data of Keike, from January to April 2023, the community has sold a total of Of the 20 sets of sources, only 6 sets are higher than 50,000 yuan/square meter, and another 9 sets have a transaction price between 40,000 and 50,000 yuan/square meter, and 5 sets are less than 40,000 yuan/square meter. Among them, the lowest A set of about 28,400 yuan / square meter.

In contrast, in 2022, Sunshine City Future Yue MAX sold a total of 29 sets of sources, only one set was sold at a price lower than 40,000 yuan/square meter, or about 38,600 yuan/square meter, and the one with the highest transaction price was The set reached 70,300 yuan/square meter.

According to different intermediaries, the current rumors of Alibaba’s layoffs have not had an obvious reaction on housing prices. They generally believe that the trend of housing prices in Hangzhou is more a result of the overall poor economic environment, the downturn in the property market and the adjustment of the Internet industry. “Economic recovery It also takes time, even if there are no layoffs, the current property market is still average,” said an intermediary.

According to CRIC’s data, in April 2023, the transaction volume of second-hand housing in Hangzhou (except Fuyang and Lin’an) stopped rising and turned down, falling by 26.5% month-on-month to 7,150 units. The new housing market also experienced a correction. It fell 17% to 1.135 million square meters.

The owner of a community about 1 kilometer away from the headquarters of Ant Financial told Times Finance that since the second half of 2021, the transaction volume and price of second-hand housing in the community have declined significantly. I bought this place in 2021 at a price of 49,000 yuan per square meter, and now it is estimated to be less than 40,000.”

Times Finance learned from the shell house search that there are currently 21 houses for sale in the community, only 2 of which are listed for more than 40,000 yuan/square meter, and most of the prices are between 32,000 and 36,000 yuan/square meter. An intermediary said that there had been no transactions in the community for a long time. “There is a house with a similar size to this owner, and the price is only 32,000 yuan per square meter, but no one has even seen it since it was listed in December.”

People who buy a house are really hesitating

The rumors of Alibaba’s large layoffs have not yet had a significant impact on housing prices, but panic has begun to spread. Even on May 25, Alibaba Group refuted the rumors on the official Weibo, saying that the online layoffs were rumors, and announced that in 2023, the company’s six major The business group needs to recruit a total of 15,000 new people, of which more than 3,000 are recruited from schools.

However, a number of Alibaba Cloud employees confirmed the layoffs to Times Finance. Previously, news of layoffs circulated on major social media involved multiple business segments under Alibaba, including Cloud Intelligent Group, Taotian Group, Cainiao, Local Life and Dawenyu. The total number of layoffs was as high as 25,000. In different office locations, it also affects different property market sectors in Hangzhou.

“The impact is not small. There was a rookie employee who negotiated about the same price as me, but his department head said that there might be layoff indicators, so the transaction was shelved.” Wang Hua, owner of Rongchuang Jincheng Jiangnan House in Yuhang District Pseudonym) told Times Finance that the number of house viewings and consultations has actually decreased significantly since May as early as May. Start tightening your budget.”

In the past two months, Wang Hua has also experienced a big ups and downs. According to the Information Office of the People’s Government of Yuhang District, the Cainiao Headquarters Park has been officially opened at least in early April. Some homeowners went to the headquarters building to see the progress of the renovation, to see if all the supporting facilities are in place.” The homeowners who sold their houses had waited a long time for this “migration” of Cainiao.

After the opening of the Cainiao Headquarters Park, “A lot of buyers were looking for me in April. Several people came to see the house every week, and there were also a lot of people who consulted online. Recently, it was said that Cainiao would go public independently, which was originally good news. Unfortunately, there will be layoffs in the future.” Wang Hua lamented that the best time to sell a house was short-lived. loan to buy a house.”

The owner of Binjiang Hangyu Lanting, which is just across the road from the Cainiao Headquarters Park, also felt the instant chill brought by the layoffs to the property market. “Recently, the number of buyers has suddenly dropped, and the number of people consulting has dropped a lot.”

“Now the wait-and-see mood is very heavy, no matter what, buyers are beginning to hesitate again,” said an intermediary.