AJ participated in “72 Hours of Heart”, partnered with Sister Watermelon, and experienced Tong Jincheng’s despair

I believe that many viewers who like to watch LOL live broadcasts must be very familiar with the teeth and four dogs headed by Zz1tai! These former professional players have successfully won the love of a large number of audiences by virtue of their daring to start a group and good at playing memes during the commentary of the LPL professional league.

However, when Zz1tai, Letme and Brother Crystal all have families, or are about to enter the palace of marriage, AJ, the only remaining single dog among the four dogs, has gradually become the most unprofessional in the LOL sector in the recent live broadcast. Game host.

When AJ enjoyed a wave of emperor-level treatment in the live broadcast some time ago, and had an offline interaction with Meat Bun, Shibu and Li Ran, which made a large number of viewers envious, AJ even sent a married man Letme Pulled to participate in the super happy sports meeting, so that after Letme went home, he was interrogated by his wife for a long time.

Immediately afterwards, AJ rushed to Xiamen without stopping to participate in the second season of “72 Hours of Heart” with Zisheng and Zhang Jiawen! I believe that many viewers who have watched this love variety show know that good brother Zhang Jiawen was tossed enough by four female guests in the activities of the first season of “72 Hours of Heart”.

Because AJ was very unpleasant with Bury at the super-happy sports meeting the day before, the organizer of the “72 Hours of Heart” program specially invited Sister Watermelon to form a new partner with AJ! After realizing that AJ arrived in Xiamen, after learning that he was going to partner with Sister Watermelon, the whole person was not well. Ever since he got into the buried car, he has always had an expression of hopelessness on his face.

I believe that many viewers who often watch outdoor entertainment programs know that Sister Watermelon is a man who cannot be controlled by Tong Jincheng, the first outdoor brother. In front of Sister Watermelon’s body shape, ordinary people absolutely have to bow their heads to the court. Tong Jincheng almost suffered a big loss when playing on the West Lake because he didn’t know anything about Sister Watermelon’s strength.

However, compared with Tong Jincheng, the current LOL No. 1 affectionate AJ, at least in terms of weight, he still has some advantages. At least AJ is not like Zhang Jiawen and Tong Jincheng. When standing in front of Sister Watermelon, he is as weak as a primary school student. Although AJ is a little timid in front of Sister Watermelon, as long as the audience coaxes him together, he can still summon the courage to compete with Sister Watermelon.

So everyone thinks that Jiangou, who has been active in the outdoor entertainment sector recently, can beat Zhang Jiawen, the No. 1 cricketer in Nanning in the second season of “72 Hours of Heart”, and let Jiangou Media’s name spread from the LOL section to Outdoor entertainment section?