AJ and Zhang Jiawen are about to “go to war”? “72 Hours of Heart” strikes again and will be held in Xiamen

Some time ago, Huya Live held a very interesting event called “Heartbeat 72 Hours”. In this program, Huya invited many anchors to participate, and there were anchors in each section. They staged a show for everyone. The time has come for the offline anchors to hold hands and show the anchor’s emotional intelligence and IQ, which also makes many netizens very happy. But after just 72 hours, the show was over. But don’t worry, on the 28th, Huya will once again stage the event “72 Hours of Heart” for everyone, and many guests will also participate in it.

Zhang Jiawen, who participated in this guest for the first time, will also come to participate in this second event. Not only that, but also the arrival of an anchor, which everyone is looking forward to, that is AJ. AJ and Zhang Jiawen are together, it is a very interesting thing, because these two anchors have had an intersection with a beautiful anchor from Huya before. anchor.

At the beginning of “72 Hours of Heart”, Jiawen Zhang came to this stage. What this show wants is the interaction between male guests and female guests, but what everyone didn’t expect is that Zhang Jiawen showed his face for the first time to participate in this kind of show. The offline activities of Zhang Jiawen made Zhang Jiawen very shy and did not dare to do anything. He looked very socially afraid. However, when Zhang Jiawen met Bury, the female anchor was very concerned about him, but because of Zhang Jiawen’s I was shy, so I didn’t match with the buried buried successfully. But it can be seen that Zhang Jiawen still likes to be buried.

On the contrary, the outgoing AJ has very good experience in picking up girls. Not only did he create “AJ Media”, but he even invited many female guests to interact with him offline. Recently, Li Ran and Bury appeared in AJ’s live broadcast room together, and AJ even hugged each other, which made the audience envious. AJ also brought Bury to his home for a live broadcast to interact, and also made a lot of intimate actions in the live broadcast room, which made the audience envious for a while.

Seeing this situation, everyone started to be curious, because “72 Hours of Heart” will be officially held in Xiamen on the 28th. In addition to AJ and Zhang Jiawen, there are also small bottles, Moyuan, Zisheng, Zhou Zhouzi, Bingtang, plus a mysterious guest, the arrival of these guests will make this event very exciting.

And Zhang Jiawen and AJ, will they “fight” for the girl in this event? But looking at my brother’s physique, when facing AJ, it’s better to win with intelligence. I believe that everyone is looking forward to the start of this show, so let’s pay attention to Huya’s live broadcast and the live broadcast rooms of these anchors!