Aiming at the large SUV market, the new Touran X will break the game with a sense of technology

Xu Yajie, reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily

As the proportion of re-buyers among the car-buying population increases year by year, the mid-to-high-end car market continues to strengthen. Among them, thanks to considerable earnings and growing market capacity, the large SUV market accommodates important flagship products of major auto brands.

As the luxury flagship SUV of SAIC Volkswagen, the new Touran X, which was launched recently, is aimed at this market cake. It is understood that the suggested retail price of the new Touran X is 285,000-395,000 yuan, and a total of ten model versions are available, equipped with three engines, 330TSI, 380TSI, and 530V6, all matched with DSG seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

In terms of appearance, the new Touran X outlines a deep front face through simple and clear lines, bringing a strong visual impact as a whole. The transverse illuminated front grille and the front and rear illuminated Logos give the vehicle a stronger sense of imposing and luxurious.

In order to create a stronger sense of technology, the new Touran X is equipped with a number of Volkswagen IQ. technologies. From the IQ.Light Oscillating Eye Matrix to the IQ.Intelligent Vehicle Link, IQ.Intelligent Guide, and IQ.Drive Intelligent Driving Butler, the car highlights the intelligence level of a luxury flagship SUV.

Among them, in the speed range of 0-180km/h, the Travel Assist full-journey intelligent driving assistance system of IQ.Drive intelligent driving butler enables the vehicle to achieve continuous acceleration and lane centering control.

“Including adaptive cruise, cruise control, automatic follow-up and lane centering, etc., can make driving easier and more comfortable for users.” The person in charge of related products of SAIC Volkswagen said that the new Touran X is also equipped with 4Motion intelligent four-wheel drive With the Multi-Road Condition Driving Control Manager, it can help users easily cope with various weather and road conditions.

According to a research report, from 2014 to 2020, the proportion of China’s passenger car replacement sales increased from 35% to 60%, becoming the dominant force in the market. Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Passenger Car Market Information Joint Committee, analyzed that the consumption structure of China’s auto market is gradually developing towards consumer demand based on redemption and additional purchases. At the same time, additional purchasers often choose a model with outstanding value such as mobility, sports, and off-road, and the market as a whole presents a diversified trend.

“As a luxury flagship SUV of SAIC Volkswagen, the new Touron X will meet the current users’ needs for large SUVs and luxury quality with its great appearance, large space, great intelligence, and great power.” The person in charge said that with consumption With the continuous upgrade of demand, high-end SUV products are getting more and more attention from the market. Therefore, the all-new Touran X is expected to further help SAIC Volkswagen to increase sales and brand value.

Source: Client of China Youth Daily