AI psychological counselor has become a reality, will it replace real people?

Hello, I am a well-behaved happy cat in the psychological world.

Ximao looked at it and felt their anxiety to some extent.

But speaking of it, it is not the first time that AI has entered the psychological industry.

Such as woebot, replika, Chatbot, youper, etc., are all chat software invented for mental health, emotional management and other issues.

So, instead of lamenting that robots are taking jobs, it is better to think about it: how should we work after AI comes.

Today, Ximao will share with you some of my thoughts on this. If there are any omissions or errors, please leave a message to supplement and correct me.

Then consider that some people are socially phobic and allergic to humans.

Also take into account the energy issues that exist between AI and humans.

And an AI software, in theory, as long as the server is strong, the number of people it can receive is infinite, and it can skip the process of making appointments, etc., and the convenience is not comparable to that of real people.

In other words, the odds are slim.

why? Let’s take Replika, an artificial intelligence chat software, as an example.

On Zhihu, a blogger named “Ni Slowly” shared his experience of chatting with robots, and found several shortcomings in AI chat:

2. The ability to recognize, understand and use emotions is weak, as clumsy as a baby;

However, it must be a long process and needs to be supported by enough case samples.

And some psychiatrists and psychotherapist volunteers from the Clinical Psychology Department of Zhejiang Provincial Tongde Hospital.

Moreover, human psychological problems are not static. The development and changes of society will also have various impacts on human psychology.

In the end, Ximao would like to invite everyone to broaden their horizons and widen their horizons.

We must know that the number of people affected by natural disasters and man-made disasters in our country is an average of 200 million people every year, and the total number of psychiatrists in our country is currently less than 20,000.

The high cost and the shortage of medical resources are the reasons why they are discouraged.

Let’s look further afield.

One more person to chat means more understanding; more understanding means more possibilities for the development of the psychological industry.

I don’t know what you think?

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