Age of Empires 25th Anniversary Live, Microsoft Officially Announces Age of Empires Mobile Games

In today’s “Age of Empires” 25th anniversary live broadcast, Microsoft officially announced the news of “Age of Empires Mobile Games”.

Judging from the currently officially announced 20-second pilot video, this work adopts a similar style to “Age of Empires 4”, but it does not show the gameplay except for the cavalry passing through the village scene.

Before that, Microsoft and Tencent had jointly developed a SLG mobile game “Return to Empire” licensed by the “Age of Empires” IP. What form will the “Age of Empires Mobile Game” announced this time be launched in?

At present, “Age of Empires Mobile Games” has not yet announced the specific launch date. From the statement of “coming soon” in the video, we estimate that it will be able to play before the end of 2023.