AG’s global brand friend Zhu Zhu, Yueji performed the brand blockbuster [Love your A-level status]

From screen image, red carpet starlight to daily life, Zhu Zhu has her own unique style of self-confidence and elegance: she is natural, effortless, and has both artistic taste and intellectual charm. In Zhu Zhu, it shows how to face up to his current state and live a confident and self-consistent attitude towards life at different stages of life. This is also the value concept advocated by the actor Zhu Zhu and the AG brand: the success of life is not an excessive pursuit of the so-called perfection. It is necessary to know that there is no so-called “best” state in life. When we grasp every moment, let ourselves invest in and Immerse yourself in the life you love . When you mobilize all the abilities of your body and mind and devote yourself to it, you will find that your body and mind are strong and impeccable. This is the “A-level state”.

Follow your body and feel yourself in this moment.

Whether your state is good or bad, the body will be the first to be keenly aware of it. The body’s answer to its own care is the most honest, You are what you eat. How you treat your body, your body will give you the same answer

Invest in being yourself, and you’ll be an A every moment.

Get out of the way outsiders judge you. When your body and mind are nourished and cared for enough, you will feel your own growth and inner filling and richness, and you will be happy from the bottom of your heart. A-level status is when you love yourself.

Take care of your body and mind to face every challenge in life.

The current society and life are fast-paced, you may have multiple roles, you may not have time to take care of yourself, or even have time to eat well. However, good state is the light that radiates from the inside out, so be kind to your body and mind. Start with the first cup of AG1 small green powder every day, and start the day in a carefree state.

AG (Athletic Greens) from North America, its star flagship product AG1 small green powder was evaluated by the media as a “unicorn product” that subverts the industry. After more than 50 formula iterations by the R&D scientific team for more than 10 years, 1 scoop of AG1 Small Green Powder contains 75 kinds of plant extracts, which can meet the needs of 9 major functions at one time, saving the time of taking a lot of pills and capsules every day. To help you easily and easily develop a good daily habit, every morning, a spoonful, a shake, a cup of AG1 small green powder, start a good day.

At the beginning of 2022, AG announced that it has received a strategic investment of US$115 million, led by Alpha Wave Global, with existing investors SC.Holdings, Bolt Ventures, Dr. Peter Attia, etc., as well as new investor Mark Vadon. After this round of financing, Athletic Greens’ latest valuation exceeds $1 billion, making it a unicorn. In 2021, Athletic Greens revenue will increase by nearly 200%, and user growth will exceed 100%.

Once listed, AG1 Little Green Powder has been well received by many celebrities and professional athletes at home and abroad, including F1 driver world champion Lewis Hamilton, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, supermodel Cindy K. Lao Fu, NBA star Kevin Love, and US Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Sean Johnson are all loyal users of AG.

AGYM – Offline brand experience center, meet a good state in the morning

In October 2022, AG will join hands with Hotel JEN Beijing New World Traders Hotel, a subsidiary of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Group, to build the first offline “fall in love with your A-level state” brand experience center, and release a limited number of 5 “AG vitality suites” for urban stay experience.

As soon as you enter the door, you are embraced by the green eyes. The decorative paintings in the room are the official pictures of AG Hawaii. In the morning, drink a cup of the AG1 small green powder travel package provided by the bar in the room to start a vibrant day. Hotel JEN’s gymnasium, Trainyard, provides first-class comprehensive fitness equipment, as well as a variety of morning classes for hotel guests and members to choose from. After a hot sweat, you can start a business trip or work schedule with a healthy and rich breakfast. At the same time, Hotel Jen is also connected to the new China World Mall and China World Mall, and has rooms with CBD views, making it one of the first choices for Staycation in Beijing. You can book this co-branded room on the official booking platform of Hotel JEN Beijing New World Traders Hotel. Enjoy a healthy immersion journey from the inside out, and come to a healthy sensory upgrade experience.