After viper went back for a year, his heart was broken! Self-reported that I can’t play LOL and I feel sleepy and bored when I open it.

After viper went back for a year, his heart was broken! Self-reported that I can’t play LOL and I feel sleepy and bored when I open it.

Preface: viper has had a rough time this year. As an LPL star player and world champion, viper should have received the maximum salary in the LCK and achieved more good results. When he talked about the reason for returning home, he said that he wanted to win the LCK championship. In order to achieve his goal, viper thought twice and finally joined the “Galactic Battleship” HLE. Unexpectedly, this became the worst decision in his career.

After viper went back for a year, his heart was broken! Readme that I can no longer play LOL

It has only been a year since viper returned to the LCK, and I feel like his heart has been broken and he has been “wasted”. For professional players, two characteristics are necessary to achieve results: The first is self-confidence. No matter how strong the team they face and how disdainful the audience is, the players themselves must have confidence and believe that they can defeat their opponents. If this confidence is lost, the team will be defeated without a fight.

The second is love. Professional players must like this game. If they lose interest, playing professionally will become a very painful thing. Without the support of love, it is difficult for professional players to go further. Viper shared his recent status with fans live. I feel that he has lost interest in League of Legends.

This is similar to the situation of showmaker. Players said in interviews that they have lost their enthusiasm and can only play games with an attitude toward work. I think the reason why showmaker is in this situation is mainly due to three factors: first, the DK team’s performance is not good, and Xu Xiu, who is the core of the team, has been questioned a lot; second, Xu Xiu is in poor health and often encounters international competitions. They are unable to perform well and cannot afford high-intensity training. Thirdly, the DK team actually has little money. Showmaker and Canyon joined the team early and have become “veterans”. For the sake of the team, neither of them asked for a high annual salary.

I feel sleepy and bored when I open it. Viper rarely opens the game now.

As a result, the showmaker did not receive any “positive feedback” from his career. The audience accused him of poor condition, the annual salary given by the team was not high enough, and he was not feeling well. I think it’s understandable to lose interest in LOL under such circumstances. Why is viper the same as Xu Xiu? I don’t think he received much “positive feedback” and felt that he failed to live up to everyone’s expectations.

When viper left EDG, the reason he gave was that he wanted to win the LCK championship. It’s like when we fall in love or break up, we all want to live better than our “ex”. Viper took a deep breath and worked hard to win the game. However, the HLE state appeared frequently, and the jungler was even suspended. Without receiving positive feedback, Viper’s heart naturally dissipated.

viper told fans: I have been awake for a while, but I feel very tired as soon as I play League of Legends. I usually don’t feel any problems, but when I play League of Legends, I suddenly become sleepy. I’m surprised, so I rarely play League of Legends recently. I feel bored as soon as I enter the matching interface. Why is this? I feel like I can have a good sleep right away.


I feel that there is a problem with VIPer’s current state. If there is no positive feedback, sooner or later he will choose to retire like Niu Bao. There are some similarities between the two. They both played in the LPL for a period of time. After returning to the LCK, their results were poor and they lost interest in League of Legends. The only difference is that viper won the world championship in the LPL, but Niu Bao suffered a lot of blows.