After the release of this guide, tens of thousands of people’s feelings were tested: they came to the comment area to show their sincerity to CP

A game guide can test the relationship between you and your friends (including boyfriend and girlfriend), do you believe it?

But don’t be in a hurry and don’t believe it. Recently, there really is such a game guide. After the release, the comment area was instantly flooded by players, and they all started to write their CP, and they were eager to “express their sincerity”. What game do you want to ask me? Raiders can have so much magic?

This is a BOSS strategy about the second chapter of the new “Road to God” in “Eternal Calamity”. Players who have played “Forever Calamity” know that this is a relatively popular game in recent years. The first echelon of domestic end games, when it was launched last year, sold 6 million copies in 3 months, and the momentum can be said to be very fast.

The “Road to God” is the newly launched PVE mode of “Eternal Calamity”. To be honest, the PVE mode in the chicken-eating game is the first time I have seen it. Unsurprisingly, this mode has been favored by many players. After the first chapter was quickly conquered by the players, this time the official brought a brand new second chapter, and the difficulty was more than doubled.

And this game strategy that has caused the whole network to test the feelings of CP is the BOSS strategy of the second chapter of “Eternal Calamity”, “Hundred Refinements in Yellow Sand”. Why does it cause tens of thousands of people to be tested? That’s because, in the skills shown by this blogger, it is necessary to cooperate with teammates to successfully defeat the boss, and if you win the boss, you will have a very nice skin reward.

Players who have played must know the art level of “Eternal Calamity”, and the reward for the second chapter of “Road to God” this time is “Jie Jin·Liao”, a superb tachi skin. It is said that It is made of Vientiane’s hand-held flaming sword, and it looks like the card surface is full, so players have to start their little friends in order to clear the customs to get this good-looking skin.

The core of this strategy is that, at the moment when the BOSS gets up, two teammates (one chooses Ning Hongye, the other chooses Sha Nan) close to the boss, and then the other one is holding a bow and arrow to output remotely, and all three teammates have broken The skill of Gang Qi can make the first and second stages of the BOSS useless, so as to quickly kill the BOSS and achieve the goal of customs clearance.

Although it looks very simple, due to the skillful cooperation between teammates to achieve quick kills, the players in the comment area are also Aite’s own friends, let their CPs learn quickly, this is the It’s time to “test friendship”, and players who have been Aite have come one after another, saying that they have learned it, and sure enough, the temptation of a good-looking skin is great!

I have to say that the PVE mode of “Eternal Calamity” is really good. As the only one in the chicken-eating game, it has indeed achieved its own characteristics. Now the official version has not been released, it is estimated that this guide is available. With the efforts of many CPs, the second chapter of Eternal Tribulation’s “Road to God” will also be conquered soon, what do you think?