After the G7 summit, South Korea’s position took a big turn, and 100,000 artillery shells were put on the agenda. Yin Xiyue dared not admit it

Text/Black Wood

After the G7 summit, Yin Xiyue, who has always insisted on being “neutral”, quietly changed his attitude towards Ukraine, and there is also the latest news about the aid of 100,000 shells to Ukraine.

According to a report from World Wide Web, South Korea has agreed to donate 100,000 artillery shells to Ukraine. According to the secret agreement between South Korea and the United States, these shells will not be shipped directly to Ukraine, but will be transferred to the United States first, and then the United States will “secretly” hand them over to Ukraine. However, this statement has not been recognized by the South Korean side.

(Although South Korea denies it, the agreement with the United States has been signed)

Unlike America’s European allies, South Korea has not provided military support to Ukraine since the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In South Korea’s view, blindly participating in the Russia-Ukraine conflict will lead to the deterioration of relations between South Korea and Russia, or lead to instability in the peninsula.

But Ukraine is short of ammunition, and the U.S. arsenal has bottomed out, so the pressure is on U.S. allies again. According to the US media, South Korea did not directly deliver ammunition to Ukraine, but to the United States first, also out of consideration to avoid intensifying conflicts.

In doing so, it can not only relieve the pressure on the United States, but also distance itself from itself. However, after the relevant news was exposed by the media, the wishful thinking of the South Korean government obviously failed.

What’s even more funny is that relevant news has been coming out for several months. It is basically certain that South Korea and the United States have already had in-depth discussions on this issue.

(According to previous reports, South Korea’s aid to Ukraine is 100,000 shells)

Although South Korea immediately denied the aid to Ukraine, it did not deny the agreement with the United States. On the 25th local time, South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense stated that South Korea has indeed discussed exporting ammunition with the Pentagon, but the relevant details cannot be made public. The reports of the US media are inaccurate, which is very intriguing.

Now that the agreement has been signed, does South Korea dare to violate the meaning of the United States? It can only be said that South Korea has not acted now, but it does not mean that it will not act in the future.

According to the South Korean side’s previous statement, South Korea will consider the content of aiding Ukraine depending on the situation of the war. , South Korea’s attempt to get involved in the Ukraine crisis is clear.

(Medvedev warned that South Korea’s aid to Ukraine is very serious)

Previously, Japanese media broke the news that Yin Xiyue may visit Ukraine in July, which was also denied by the South Korean side. The South Korean side claimed that the leaders of the two countries will hold talks only when there are substantive changes in the issue of aid to Ukraine. This has already been made very clear, that is, the South Korean side has paved the way for the subsequent aid to Ukraine. There are various signs that the South Korean government’s position on affairs is changing.

Right now, the Ukrainian army has just lost Bahmut and is still starting to counterattack in many places. It is facing a serious shortage of ammunition. Whether it can get more weapons and ammunition will largely determine the direction of the battle. Not long ago, the first lady of Ukraine came to South Korea to visit, mainly to seek arms support for Ukraine, but Yin Xiyue did not let go at that time.

(The Ukrainian army lost at Bakhmut)

Since South Korea has adopted the method of borrowing from the United States, it means that Yin Xiyue knows that once the door to supplying ammunition to Ukraine is opened, Russia will be regarded as an enemy and will be retaliated against.

Last month, Yin Xiyue also hinted that if civilians in Ukraine were attacked, South Korea would provide other support, and has begun to change its position. And because of his contribution to easing relations with Japan, Yin Xiyue was also appreciated by Biden at the G7 summit, which made the South Korean government more determined to follow the United States.

In the critical period of the current Russia-Ukraine conflict, providing Ukraine with scarce ammunition will not only please the United States, but also better integrate into the G7, and maybe even become the G8. This is what Yin Xiyue hopes.

(Whether South Korea can become a member of the G8, the issue of aid to Ukraine is very important)

Therefore, denial is denial, and the South Korean government’s denial is fine. Now that Yin Xiyue has begun to change his attitude on the issue of military aid to Ukraine, it will be a matter of time before the artillery shells are aided.