After the cancer recurs, we should not only focus on the quality of the condition, nor should the nursing work be left behind

  Serious diseases such as cancer, even if there is no special attention, people can hear some fragmented information from time to time, so that after being suddenly diagnosed with the disease, it is not really a question. However, after personal experience, many patients found that the disease progressed faster than they thought, and they were found to have relapsed not long before the diagnosis was made. So, how to do the relevant nursing work after the cancer recurs?


  The reason for emphasizing care after cancer recurrence is that most patients and their family members are looking at the “disease”, thinking about which treatment method is better all day long, but they have not noticed that the body has become weaker at this time. Cancer cells find ‘opportunities’, highlighting the importance of nursing. First of all, we must pay attention to supplementing comprehensive and balanced nutrition, ensuring a reasonable proportion of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and trace elements calcium, selenium and other nutrients, providing more energy for the self-repair and reproduction of normal cells, and helping the body recover.

  Second, maintain adequate communication with the attending physician. Due to the long course of cancer, it is not a big problem after the treatment is over. After that, there are many things that patients need to do, and they need professional guidance. On the one hand, it is necessary to insist on regular review under the guidance of a doctor in order to monitor the sequelae and changes in the condition caused by the treatment, and adjust the next plan accordingly. On the other hand, you should carefully understand the changes in all aspects of your body. If you feel uncomfortable, you should inform the attending doctor in time to clarify the problem and carry out symptomatic treatment.

  Finally, the recurrence of cancer indicates that the power of cancer cells in the body is prosperous, and the consumption of righteousness in the body is more serious. It is necessary to replenish righteousness in time. It is advisable to cooperate with Chinese medicine treatment as soon as possible. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment has always been “people-oriented”. On the basis of diagnosis and treatment, combined with the severity of the disease and the patient’s condition, targeted and focused medication can help regulate the normal functions of major organs and improve the micro-organisms of the body. Circulation disorders, promote the growth of righteousness, improve the patient’s own ability to remove pathogens, and further consolidate the disease.


  As an old Chinese medicine practitioner with 40 years of anti-cancer experience, Yuan Xifu summed up a lot of experience, he believes: “When a person gets cancer, it is like a building on fire, and the skeleton can last longer, so that it is possible to wait for the turning point. “Furthermore, patients in good physical condition have a strong tolerance for treatment, which undoubtedly improves the treatment effect. Therefore, after the recurrence of cancer, the relevant nursing work cannot be ignored, lest the disease is not controlled and the body will step down again.