After seven years, her aura is back?

How come Wu Qian is getting better and better!

As a TV series that Luo Yunxi and Wu Qian collaborated again after a lapse of seven years, “Light Chaser” attracted the attention of many people before its broadcast.

Although the play is a relatively niche subject, it achieves a clear group image, professional details are in place, and the audience can see the full growth line of each character.

The same frame of the two protagonists is also an instant dream back to the youthful days of “Why Sheng Xiao Mo”, faded away from immaturity, and the appearance of meeting at the top is very eye-catching~

What makes people unable to take their eyes off is Wu Qian’s state in the play, because the characters are doctors and members of the international rescue team, and their clothes and makeup are relatively plain.

And the appearance without makeup can better reflect her beauty, not only the eyes are bright, but the skin texture is even more delicate and rejuvenating~

Some time ago, Qianqian just passed her 30th birthday. The photo is full of tranquility and beauty, her eyebrows and eyes are curved, and she is very smart.

25+ good skin requires us to put more thought into care, in addition to anti-aging, there will be some sudden skin problems, such as “endless” adult acne.

After puberty, but not getting rid of the entanglement of acne, it is very common for mature skin to have acne all the time.

Today we are going to talk about what to do with these endless pimples on the face~

“Acne” refers to the acne that is affected by the fluctuation of hormone levels in the body during puberty, and acne still occurs after puberty, which is what we call “adult acne”.


This type of acne is also known as “delayed acne”. There are many reasons for it. It may be due to lack of daily sleep, high stress, and unhealthy eating habits that lead to high androgen levels, causing acne.

Or you may have oily skin and poor ecological environment on the skin surface. It may also be caused by factors such as intestinal flora disturbance and the breeding of mites.

It may also be suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. If you have been plagued by acne for a long time, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination!

Only after finding out the cause of acne can you improve your skin quality and make corresponding changes to your skin care and living habits~

Acne mostly concentrated on the chin, jawline and lips may be caused by the poor metabolism of the skin epidermis, and the excess cuticle blocks the pores.

At this time, the skin is in the inflammatory outbreak period and is more sensitive. When there is intensive acne breakout, the first step is to soothe and calm it, so that it can be calm and calm.

Suspend skin care products that are too moisturizing and nutritious to avoid aggravating pore blockage, and choose basic ingredients.

Wait until the fire on the skin is almost gone, and then apply acid-containing skin care products to condition the skin, and do an anti-inflammatory management on acne and closed mouth.

Common acid components are: mandelic acid, salicylic acid, octanoyl salicylic acid, azelaic acid, etc., and a tolerance period needs to be established during use.


At this stage, it is usually accompanied by tingling, peeling and redness, so it is normal to have more acne in the early stage~

Retinoic acid is highly irritating. If you want to use oral products, it is recommended to consult a good doctor!

We recommend: The multi-effect LA ROCHE-POSAY Acne Clearing Conditioning Essence is the favorite of acne girls. It contains multiple ingredients such as niacinamide and mannose, which can regulate the internal and external inflammation of acne and harmonize the surface flora of the skin to eliminate acne and prevent acne. acne scars and prevent recurrence

Kiehl’s Acne Clearing Serum is specially designed for acne, contains mineral sulphur and vitamin B₃, gently and promptly reduces acne, fades scars, has a good anti-inflammatory effect, and can condition the cortex and strengthen the skin barrier.

SUNDAY RILEY Saturn Acne Cleansing Mask contains 10% sulfur, which can eliminate pimples and acne, suppress acne breakouts, and 4% Niacinamide helps redness caused by rosacea, making skin look smooth and clear .

The only thing that is more difficult to get rid of than acne is probably only acne marks, not to mention the repeated growth of adult acne, which is more likely to leave marks.

New red acne marks are the easiest to eliminate. Basically, when using acne products containing retinol and other ingredients, acne marks will be lightened along with them.

However, brown acne marks or acne scars that stay for a long time are more difficult to solve. It is necessary to use medical and aesthetic methods to promote metabolism and reduce pigmentation.

Acne marks are divided into pigment type acne marks and blood type acne marks. You can choose fruit acid peeling and pulsed light to improve, adjust skin color, and shrink subcutaneous blood vessels.

For acne pits that have been sunken, it is more suitable to use laser treatment to help eliminate scars, achieve the effect of firming, rejuvenating and removing pigmentation~

We recommend: ESTĒE LAUDER Platinum Energizing Black Diamond Brightening Serum contains exclusive SIRT core anti-aging technology, anti-aging and promoting darkening at the same time, suppresses darkening from the source and has a whitening effect, both for acne marks and spots Visible lightening effect.

The ellagic acid + AA2G in Lancôme Aurora Whitening Essence is like a melanin magnet to help lighten spots and prints, plus 8 plant extracts, reduce irritation, soothe the skin mood, the face gradually restores translucent, and it can also be used for sensitive skin~

ELIZABETH ARDEN Double Effect Whitening Essence is like adding a double layer of filters to the skin. The ace whitening ingredients such as VC and Angelica extract accurately fade the skin, restore the skin’s whiteness, and add Centella asiatica to achieve softness Exfoliate and promote cell renewal.

Sisters who can’t control their mouths and love to stay up late should really pay attention to their living habits in order to break up with acne early!

High-fat, high-sugar, irritating foods (including but not limited to sweet, spicy, flammable properties), and dairy products add fuel to the fire for acne-prone skin.

Internal adjustment is as important as external use. Change your eating habits, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water, eat some low GI foods, pay attention to supplementing minerals and linolenic acid, your skin metabolism will be better, and you will not be able to be unscrupulous about acne and acne marks~

Try to sleep a little early every day, so that the liver can detoxify normally, not only will there be less acne, but the overall condition of the skin will have an obvious rejuvenation!

Acne removal is a protracted battle. Adult acne is related to many factors. Early treatment and early resolution. I hope sisters can have smooth and delicate eggshell muscles as soon as possible~

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