After scraping the bone to heal the wound, what should the Beingmate beside the “cliff” do?

Source: Every Caiwang

  Compared to the 100 billion target, Beingmate has to return to the second tier first.

  Every time beingmate is talked about in the circle, there is a sigh. Especially in recent years, when the major mainstream milk powder brands continue to increase their voices, this feeling is even worse.

  I still remember that a few years ago, Beingmate founder Xie Hong said when he returned to the company, “I won’t consider retirement if I don’t achieve 30 billion annual revenue and a market value of 100 billion!”

  As expected of the former helm, after 4 years of adjustment and hard work, Beingmate finally turned losses into profits in 2021, ending the deduction of non-net profit for 5 consecutive years of losses, and launched new milk powder products, which released the new products to the market. The “ruthless” of the target impact. However, by sorting out the current development status of Beingmate and comparing it with its peers, it may be too early to truly achieve the goal.

  Proposed cancellation of wholly-owned subsidiary