After Lu Bu, another side hero climbed to the top of the summit, can Arthur create a miracle?

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The 7th anniversary of the King’s Glory has begun. Have you all changed to your favorite skin? Just when we were discussing what skins to open, the players of the great gods have been impacting the ranking of the peak competition!

In the S29 season, due to the adjustment of the version, the ranking competition in the peak competition is also quite fierce. Previously, all the junglers were competing for the first place, but not long ago, some players used Lu Bu to reach the first place in the peak competition! A few days later, another player used a side hero to take the first place in the peak competition!

This player is Chao Meng, the number one player in Hua Mulan’s national service. After Lu Bu reached the first place in the summit competition, the Hua Mulan he used has also been the first place in the summit competition for many days! Behind him are two long-term top ten players, Beimu and Wei Liang. The main heroes of these two players are junglers!

Seeing this, many players who like to play on the side are very happy, because they finally saw the player who played on the side reach the first place in the summit!

In the S29 season, the heroes Hua Mulan, Ma Chao, and Lao Fuzi have long been at the T0 level of the sideline hero gradient ranking list, which is related to the hero’s skill mechanism!

Needless to say, Hua Mulan, the dual form has a domineering body, silence, and is ridiculously strong; the old master is even more exaggerated, his own injury-free, weakened by the summoner, plus the pure sky, the injury-free can reach 90%, How does this make the opponent fight? Don’t even try to kill the old master unless there are more than four heroes!

Lu Bu is not a T0-level hero, but he was able to reach the top of the peak competition. It can be seen that Lu Bu in the later stage is still desperately strong! In the S29 season, the adjustment of the wind was enhanced, and it became the core equipment of Lu Bu. After Chasing the Wind comes out, every time you release a skill, you can increase your attack speed and connect without gaps. This is the most terrifying thing!

The adjustment of the Yellow Knife in the S29 season and the appearance of Shining Shadow Flower have enhanced the heroes of the wing. Unpopular heroes like Bai Qi and Cheng Yaojin have become popular heroes in the S29 season!

Everyone knows that Tian Yunhe is also using the hero Cheng Yaojin to reach the top ten in the peak competition, but he has not yet succeeded. But it can also be seen that this season, the side lanes can be said to be in full bloom. Heroes that have not been seen in high-end games before have become common heroes in the S29 season.

Even the T4-level Arthur has become a common hero for peak game players! Not to mention, although Arthur is defined by many players as a “scoundrel hero”, it is this “scoundrel” hero who crashed TTG’s Qingqing in a peak match and made the old master who Qingqing used cry. ! Who will be the next wing hero to reach the first place in the peak match? old man? Ma Chao? Can Arthur work miracles?