After JDG eliminated, Kanavi cried! 369 with tears in his eyes and a public apology: I’m sorry I didn’t come to the end

In the semi-finals of the S12 World Championship, JDG lost to T1 with a 1-3 record and missed the final. Although many people thought that T1 was stronger before the game, the JDG players must have a lot of determination to reach the top 4. Therefore, after the defeat of the game, many people’s mentality also collapsed. It was directly in tears.

According to the post-match picture of JDG officially released by LPL, the jungler Kanavi couldn’t help crying after returning to the lounge. Although JDG had staff comforting Kanavi, he still couldn’t stop the tears. In fact, in this BO5, Kanavi’s overall performance was not particularly problematic. The third game did send a few waves, but the first two games were all good. After the disadvantage of the fourth game, the whole team’s mentality collapsed. He’s not the biggest problem on the JDG team.

And Kanavi should be the most stressed in the JDG team. Everyone knows that JDG is a team with Kanavi as the core. To put it bluntly, Kanavi has an advantage in the early stage, and JDG plays very comfortable. Once Kanavi is disadvantaged in the wild, JDG will be difficult win. He also knew that he had a heavy responsibility, and T1 also knew that oner did not give Kanavi a chance. It is understandable that he cried after the game.

In addition to Kanavi, JDG’s top single 369 also had tears in his eyes at the end of the game. At that time, the camera showed 369. After 369 took off the headphones on the field, the tears in his eyes were also very obvious. 369 is definitely the best player in the JDG team. The pig girl in the fourth game even went to the bot lane to help, but he still couldn’t stop the disadvantage of the bot lane. In the end, his mentality also collapsed, and he had an unlovable expression on his face. , there is unwillingness and despair.

After the game, 369 also posted an apology to the fans for the first time. He first thanked the fans for their support, and then said that it was really regrettable that this year did not come to the end, and he was very sorry. The fans in the comment area are also supporting 369. He really tried his best in this BO5. Whether it is laning or playing in a group, JDG is the best performer, so even if JDG loses, there are still many fans. 369 in support.

In the previous games that JDG won, they all relied on the upper middle field, but in this game, although 369 played an advantage, it was not enough. The jungler Kanavi was quite satisfactory, and the toothpaste was suppressed by Faker. , so it is not wrong for JDG to lose, it can only be said that the skills are not as good as others, come back next year!

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