After China and the United States established a working group, Kissinger admitted that the United States cannot live without China

After China and the United States established a working group, Kissinger admitted that the United States cannot live without China

After Biden came clean to China, the US made three moves in a row within 48 hours, sending a signal that should not be underestimated. At the critical moment, Kissinger admitted that China cannot live without China, and his good intentions were obvious. What three moves did the Biden administration make after coming clean to China? Why did Kissinger say we cannot live without China?

Friends who follow Sino-US relations should know that after US Commerce Secretary Raimondo returned from his visit to China, the Biden administration’s tone on China-related issues has undergone some changes. At the 78th United Nations General Assembly a few days ago, US President Biden, who delivered a speech, “rarely” avoided the Taiwan issue when talking about the trend of Sino-US relations. He only said that the United States does not seek conflict with China and has no intention of attacking China. Break off the hook and break the chain.”

Biden pointed out that the United States hopes to properly manage competition between the two countries in a responsible manner and prevent competition from rising to the level of conflict; at the same time, the United States also hopes to reduce potential risks in bilateral exchanges and create conditions for increasing Sino-US dialogue and exchanges. Through this “confession” speech, it is not difficult to see that the United States, which just exchanged views with Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Malta meeting, intends to ease bilateral relations. This can also be seen in the “three moves” strategy launched by the United States against China within 48 hours after Biden’s speech.

The first move was the warning issued by the White House to U.S. Ambassador to Japan Emanuel on the 21st, asking the other party to stop making unfriendly China-related remarks in public. White House officials said that Emanuel’s remarks on the issue of Fukushima nuclear wastewater discharge into the sea may undermine the United States’ efforts to ease tensions with China and even affect the possibility of a golden autumn meeting between the leaders of the two countries. As the Biden administration is trying to prevent Sino-US relations from falling into conflict, the White House urged Emanuel to stop making unfriendly remarks.

The second move is to formally announce the establishment of the China-US Economic Working Group on the 22nd. Reports show that the newly established “Economic Working Group” and “Financial Working Group” will hold regular and irregular meetings to strengthen communication and exchanges on issues related to the economic and financial fields between China and the United States, and to build a platform for enhancing communication and cooperation, and carrying out dialogue and coordination. . It is reported that the economic working group is part of the harvest of US Treasury Secretary Yellen’s previous visit to China; in the future, these two organizations led by Chinese and US deputy ministerial officials will have a considerable impact on Sino-US economic and trade cooperation and even global economic recovery.

The third move is the statement made by US Trade Representative Dai Qi on the 22nd on how to rebalance the trade relations between China and the United States and the review of China’s Section 301 tariffs. Judging from the news released by foreign media, Dai Qi’s office took the initiative to air the issue of Section 301 tariff review, which is likely to send a positive signal to China, that is, the tariffs on China are expected to be lifted before the end of the year.

Judging from the “three moves” used by the United States within 48 hours, Washington still hopes to ease relations with China and prepare for this year’s bilateral heads of state meeting. After all, Sino-US relations have been in a state of continuous tension since the beginning of the year, and the Biden administration’s “small moves” on the Taiwan Strait issue also made Blinken and others gain little from their trip to China. If the United States cannot show sincerity and implement its previous commitments, bilateral communication will undoubtedly face huge obstacles.

It is worth mentioning that while the Biden administration frequently “shows goodwill” to China, former US Secretary of State Kissinger also stated at the fifth Bund Financial Summit held on the 23rd that Sino-US relations are of vital importance and internationalization The process cannot be carried out without China’s participation.

Kissinger pointed out that China cannot be ignored in today’s international relations, and China is indispensable in the process of true internationalization and globalization. Because only cooperation between China and the United States can establish a stable and new international order and jointly solve many global challenges and problems. In his view, the complex Sino-US relations and the risk of decoupling and disconnection will make the two countries face greater challenges and will also have a negative impact on the people of both countries.

Under the current situation, only enhancing common understanding and learning from each other is the right way to avoid decoupling, which is a good thing for the healthy development of bilateral relations and even the international economy.