After 8 months, Kuaishou re-joins Taobao and to prepare for Double 11|Focus on Double 11

After a lapse of 8 months, Kuaishou once again resumed its external chain cooperation with Taobao and

The first financial reporter was informed that since today (October 28), Taobao and Kuaishou have resumed external chain cooperation. During Tmall’s Double 11, merchants have resumed the function of releasing goods and service links in the shopping cart, short video shopping cart, business details page and other modules of the Kuaishou live broadcast room through the Taobao alliance, and will be fully restored by October 31.

In addition to Taobao, also announced on the same day that it will fully resume cooperation with Kuaishou on the outer chain of goods. From October 29th, users of the Kuaishou live broadcast room will be able to directly jump to to place an order for shopping. At present, the Kuaishou and alliance has completed the product grayscale test, and is gradually opening the trailer function of products in the Kuaishou live broadcast room.

According to a person close to Kuaishou, it is mainly aimed at the special stage of the Double Eleven promotion at the end of the year. As for whether the external chain cooperation will resume in the long term, it remains to be seen.

Traffic is the goal

The restoration of the external chain this time has increased the scene and marketing space for Taobao and

Regarding this cooperation, Cheng Yuan, general manager of Taobao Alliance, said that the resumption of cooperation between the two parties will help merchants to bring more business certainty and imagination during the Tmall Double 11 period and in the future.

Up to now, Taobao Alliance has more than 24 million promoters, serving over 600 million active consumers annually, and more than 360 merchants whose GMV scale reaches 100 million. Earlier, the Taobao Alliance announced that Tmall will provide 1.5 billion yuan in subsidies and technical services during the Double 11 Shopping Festival to help merchants and Taoke gain certainty in business growth on Tmall Double 11. said that with the rapid development of short video live e-commerce, the full recovery of the cooperation between Kuaishou and will help both parties create a richer new online consumption scene and bring users a better shopping experience. In addition, this will also help the two parties to further strengthen the joint construction of brand marketing capabilities. Based on’s consumption trend insights and Kuaishou’s operational experience in short videos and live broadcasts, they will improve their precision marketing capabilities. Before the full opening of’s Double 11, the full recovery of the cooperation between Kuaishou and will not only allow more Kuaishou users to purchase JD. At the same time, it will also help many high-quality brand merchants on to present them to Kuaishou users in more diverse ways such as short videos and live broadcasts.

For Kuaishou, this cooperation focuses more on self-operated products. The reporter called Kuaishou e-commerce customer service accordingly. The customer service said that in order to help merchants operate better, in the peak season of e-commerce at the end of the year, from October 28 to December 31, 2022, the small yellow car can use the Tmall product link; October 28 From 30th to November 30th, you can use the link of’s self-operated products. But this time, only the links of Tmall and’s self-operated products can be put on the shelves in the Kuaishou live broadcast room, and Taobao’s personal store cannot.

Cooperating with Taobao and Tmall, in addition to responding to the strong force of Douyin e-commerce, it is also called for by interconnection.

Pan Helin, co-director of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center of Zhejiang University International Business School, told the first financial reporter that for Kuaishou, the content platform, opening links is a win-win situation for all parties. Traffic, consumption during Double 11 is more concentrated, this move will help double 11 e-commerce to expand marketing and realize content e-commerce traffic. This may be in response to Douyin, but it is more of a call for corresponding interconnection.

People in the e-commerce industry believe that from the perspective of the interests of consumers, merchants and platforms, the phased restoration of Tmall and during the Double Eleven period is beneficial to all parties. Overall, Ali’s demand for Kuaishou traffic is greater than that of Kuaishou. Kuaishou’s demand for Tmall products. According to the analysis of Goldman Sachs research report, the revenue growth of various e-commerce companies will be relatively weak in the third quarter of 2022, among which Pinduoduo will increase by 36%, Jingdong will increase by 10%, Alibaba will increase by 4%, and Vipshop will decrease by 10%. In terms of gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the third quarter, Goldman Sachs estimates that Kuaishou’s growth performance is 28%, Pinduoduo’s 24%,’s 8%, Ali’s 4%, and Vipshop’s 9%.

In addition, Internet giants are facing a traffic crisis. As of the second quarter of 2022, Taobao and had 580.8 million active users. In terms of the number of users, as of the end of December 2021, the platform had 868.7 million annual active buyers, far ahead of

(Source: Analysys Qianfan)

In terms of user overlap, Taobao, and Kuaishou have a relatively low user overlap rate. According to Analysys Qianfan data, as of September this year, the user overlap rate of Taobao and Kuaishou was 38%, while the user overlap rate of and Kuaishou was even lower, at 25.02%. The low user overlap rate between the two and Kuaishou means that cooperation can bring more traffic to each other. For e-commerce platforms, it is beneficial to tap the sinking market, expand their user scope and improve sales data; for Kuaishou, in the context of the rapid rise of Douyin e-commerce, seeking cooperation to deal with challenges is a kind of method.

Reopen the link

For Kuaishou, Taobao and, cooperation is no stranger.

As early as 2019 during the 618 of, Kuaishou e-commerce has begun to access the entrance, allowing users to jump directly from Kuaishou to to purchase goods. This time, Kuaishou has fully resumed the external chain cooperation with, which means that Kuaishou users have more choices in the consumption path, and can experience the high-quality goods and services provided by in a more convenient way.

In the context of the cooperation between Suning and Douyin, in May 2020, and Kuaishou signed a strategic cooperation agreement, announcing that the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the supply chain capacity building, brand marketing and data capacity building of Kuaishou stores, creating The new ecology of short video live e-commerce. According to the agreement at the time, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the supply chain. JD Retail provides products of advantageous categories to Kuaishou stores, and the two parties jointly build a high-quality product pool; Kuaishou users can directly purchase JD’s self-operated products in Kuaishou stores, and enjoy JD distribution and after-sales services.

In the 2020 618 promotion, Kuaishou and JD Retail jointly launched the “Double Ten Billion Subsidy”, and held the first large-scale event in the form of “JD Kuaishou Quality Shopping Festival” on June 16. According to the first financial reporter, the actual payment amount that day was 1.42 billion yuan.

However, the cooperation between the two parties has since become low-key and has not been continuously updated. In February 2022, Kuaishou E-commerce issued an announcement to merchants and experts saying that due to changes in the cooperation agreement with third-party e-commerce platforms and Kuaishou, from March 1, 2022, the links of Taobao Alliance products will not be available in the Kuaishou live broadcast room. Shopping carts, short video shopping carts, business detail pages, etc. publish product and service links. At the same time, alliance product links cannot be purchased in the Kuaishou live broadcast room. influences. In addition, in November 2021, Kuaishou e-commerce also performed a third-party chain disconnection operation on Youzan and Magic Chopsticks, and the specific situation was similar to the former.

However, the cooperation between Kuaishou and e-commerce has never stopped. In December 2021, Meituan announced on its official WeChat account that it had reached a strategic interconnection cooperation with Kuaishou. Meituan said that it will launch the Meituan applet on the Kuaishou open platform to provide Meituan merchants with complete service capabilities such as packages, vouchers, reservations and other product display, online transactions and after-sales services, and Kuaishou users will be able to pass the Meituan applet. direct. Meituan said that the Meituan mini-program has completed the pilot launch of the catering category, and will launch multiple life service categories such as hotels, homestays, scenic spots, leisure and entertainment, beauty salons, and script killing. In addition, Meituan also stated that it will open up content scenario marketing, online transactions and contract performance capabilities based on the Kuaishou open platform.

In this regard, industry insiders said that at the beginning of Douyin and Kuaishou’s development of e-commerce business, out of the need to cultivate the e-commerce ecosystem, the emergence of third-party external links in live broadcast delivery has become the norm. With the gradual improvement of e-commerce business, Douyin and Kuaishou are not willing to only assume the role of drainage. In order to realize the closed loop of e-commerce business, they began to build their own commodity supply chains and cut off the external chain of third parties. It has become an inevitable move.

Pan Helin believes that the previous external chain cooperation may have been broken because the two parties did not reach an agreement on the rules. Because the external chain involves multiple parties, it is often necessary to further clarify the responsibilities and rights, including the security responsibility of the link. At this stage, while opening the interface, the UK has also clarified its responsibilities. Interconnection is a requirement for Internet companies. It should be a long-term action. Whether the operation is smooth and whether the responsibilities and rights are clear requires the joint efforts of all parties. The closed loop is neither in line with the policy orientation nor conducive to the development of each platform and what they need.