After 5 years, the output value may break 100 billion US dollars.

Cover news trainee reporter Tan Yuqing 

In late October, in the office of Haofu Password Detection Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Haofu Password) located in Chengdu High-tech Zone, various work is being carried out in an orderly manner. It is reported that since the full launch of the business in June, the number of customers of Haofu Password has rapidly expanded from more than 10 in the same period last year to more than 100, and the revenue has also achieved substantial growth.

Li Kunyang, general manager of the company, said that it is expected that the company’s next business will continue to grow steadily. “In the fourth quarter, we will further increase investment in technology research and development, and strive to obtain more qualifications to broaden our customer base.”

Inside Hao Fu Cipher Company

The number of customers has surged from more than ten to more than one hundred

“Since the full launch of the business in June this year, the number of our customers has grown rapidly from more than 10 in the same period last year to more than 100.” Li Kunyang said that after about two years of “preparation”, the company’s customer volume has surged and revenue has increased. It is expected to reach a higher level in the fourth quarter of this year.

Established in December 2019, Haofu Cipher is the first commercial encryption product testing organization in central and western China. The company’s main business services include commercial cryptographic product testing, application security testing and evaluation, software product testing, system acceptance testing, etc. The service targets include information systems of major enterprises and government agencies that produce and develop commercial cryptographic products.

According to Li Kunyang, since its establishment in 2019, Haofu Cryptography has developed rapidly. It has completed the construction of various capabilities and qualifications of commercial cryptography testing institutions within three years, and has obtained 21 categories in the “Commercial Cryptography Product Testing Catalog” (the first batch). Product inspection authorization. At present, the company’s business has gone out of Sichuan and expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Chongqing and other places. The scope of business services has been extended to government affairs services, medical and health care, legal notarization, industrial control, modern logistics, financial systems and other national economic and social development. and other fields.

Talking about the company’s recent highlights, Li Kunyang said that this year the company has not only become a support unit for information security services in Sichuan Province and a member unit of the Cyber ​​Security Capability Evaluation Working Group of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, but also tried to implement some third-party assessments of data security, such as Conducted research on data security assessment for Tianfu Health Link to help the privacy and security of Sichuan citizens’ health data.

Increase investment in R&D and improve the industrial chain

Li Kunyang told reporters that the company encountered many new demands in the first three quarters, such as demands based on quantum, blockchain and other related emerging cryptographic technologies, as well as demands arising from the “ubiquitous” feature of cryptography. According to the needs and new application scenarios in the future, the company will increase investment in technology research and development, continuously promote technological innovation, and expand customer groups. “In the fourth quarter, we mainly focused on three aspects. First, to expand and strengthen the company’s strength; second, to accumulate technology; third, to expand the market.”.

In addition, Haofu Cipher started the application for the qualification of commercial cryptography application security assessment in the fourth quarter, “I hope to improve the ability of the entire business life cycle of commercial cryptography assessment, and to provide overall services in terms of algorithms, products, services, and systems. solution.”

Li Kunyang also said that he hopes to better serve the commercial encryption industry through this move, and help its development from the “testing” link of the industry’s “production, learning, research, application, testing, management, and training”.

The crypto industry has great potential for Sichuan to become a “fertile soil” for development

“I am particularly optimistic about the future of the commercial encryption industry, and even the entire information security industry, and I believe the same is true for the entire Haofu team.” Li Kunyang believes that with the rapid development of the digital economy, the encryption industry serves as a security gene that supports the development of the digital economy, as well as a guarantee The technical support of the core technology of network and data security will have a good prospect.

He mentioned that from 2016 to 2021, the scale of China’s encryption industry has maintained a relatively large growth, and looking at the world, the revenue of the entire encryption industry may exceed 100 billion US dollars after 2026.

At the same time, Li Kunyang said that Sichuan Province is a “fertile soil” for the development of the cryptographic industry, whether in terms of relevant policies, industrial foundation, application innovation or corresponding research institutions.

“The provincial party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the work of cryptography, and not only set up a leading group for cryptography work, but also issued many supporting policies and supporting policies.” Li Kunyang gave an example. He also mentioned that Sichuan Province has established an investment fund for integrated circuits and information security industries, which is also a manifestation of policy-led industrial development.

In addition, Li Kunyang said that in terms of industrial foundation, Sichuan Province has not only introduced many leading information security-related enterprises, but also attached great importance to the cultivation of local industries, which is conducive to the ecological and business development of enterprises like Haofu. “In 2020, our province will There are about 140 information security companies.”

Finally, Li Kunyang told reporters that facing the future wave of digital economic transformation, commercial cryptography applications and solutions will usher in a new “window”. China’s commercial cryptography industry will lead from the top to local policies, “stuck neck” technology to algorithm system, from top to bottom. Encryption products to application scenarios, market size and industrial layout have basically taken shape and continue to improve. “A blowout era of commercial encryption has arrived, attracting countless technology companies and innovative talents to enter the industry to seek gold, and the future will be capable people. and the era of innovation.”

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