After 20 years of living, I still earn 50 million a month after changing it to a mobile game! Is the appeal of Korean old-end tours so strong?

In the “Game Industry Report for the Third Quarter (July-September) of 2022” just released by Gamma Data, we can see that although the growth rate of the Chinese mobile game market (41.643 billion yuan) in Q3 decreased a bit, it is still The revenue of the terminal game market (15.565 billion yuan) is almost triple.

This general trend shows that more and more players have shifted from the terminal game position to the mobile game platform, and the decline of the terminal game works has become more and more obvious. How to find a way to reverse the situation in the current environment? This may be a topic that many end-game manufacturers have been studying. After all, not all game makers have the confidence to ask the phrase “don’t you have a mobile phone?”.

This time, let us turn our attention to South Korea. Many Korean end games with classic IP have joined the mobile game position and successfully occupied their own position in this highly competitive track.

Are their grades satisfactory? Today, let Xiaobian take you to take stock of it.

“DEKARON G / Challenge G”

The dark wind MMO strikes strongly, sweeping the global market

Speaking of dark-style games, many players can also think of a classic Korean terminal game “Challenge”, and its mobile game “Challenge M” with the same IP was also launched in South Korea in April last year.

It also inherits the plot settings of the original work, and optimizes the operation and interface in combination with the characteristics of the mobile terminal. The subsequent addition of world siege warfare, new world-class dungeons, and super “legendary” new-level equipment also make players who come to experience shout out Enjoyable.

The game successfully topped the Google Play Store popularity list on the day it was launched.

It was the continuous good news after the launch that made its development team ThumbAge take its strategic vision further. It will be officially launched on the global Google Play and APP Store on the 25th for players in major regions to download and experience.

The game supports 11 languages ​​including Chinese, Thai, and Spanish, which shows the ambition of ThumbAge. This time, the “Challenge” IP will bring the darkness it interprets to shock players around the world.

“PristonTale M / Elf M”

Changshou IP turned to the mobile game track, and the results were a blockbuster

As a PC-side MMORPG game that has been in operation for 20 years in South Korea, “Genie M” can be described as a representative of longevity in the game circle. However, even so, this IP also needs to continue its influence on the mobile game track to continue. own longevity legend. On September 2, the mobile game “Genie M” was officially launched in South Korea.

This mobile game is naturally developed on the basis of the IP of “Genie” (Genie Revival), and highly restores the various game experiences that were once on the PC side. The core fun of MMORPGs, such as teaming up to fight monsters, changing jobs, enhancing skills, pet growth, and skill enhancement, has never changed, which makes old players addicted.

Under such a trend, “Elf M” topped the Google Play free list in South Korea within two days of its launch, and it went straight to No. 8 on the best-selling list in the first week. The estimated turnover in the month of its launch alone exceeded 54 million yuan , which shows that this wave of IP Emotional ability to attract money.

“Genie M” went straight to No. 8 on the Google Play bestseller list in Korea in its first week of release

“Dark Eden: BLOOD WAR / Heaven’s Purgatory: Blood War”

Unique vampire theme, mobile game results are gratifying

When it comes to the name “Purgatory of the Sky”, some old players will not be unfamiliar. This classic end game landed on the national server in 2004, and is the first domestic vampire-themed online game jointly developed by China and South Korea. It is also the only domestic game so far. “Vampire” theme game. At that time, this gimmick also attracted countless players. On the day when the server was launched, the number of people online at the same time easily exceeded the 100,000 mark.

Such a distinctive MMORPG end game has now been added to the mobile game track.

A few days ago, BBGame’s new MMORPG “Dark Eden: BLOOD WAR” (Dark Eden: BLOOD WAR) has been officially launched in South Korea.

Compared with the original IP, the game settings of “Purgatory: Blood War” are closer to modernization. The two major forces in the game – the fierce bloody battle between the vampire and the Slayer, restore the original world map, levels, BGM and other various elements, so that players can experience the excitement of the original work on the mobile terminal.

But after the launch, this “Purgatory of Heaven: Blood War” does not seem to stand out from many Korean MMOs, and players may still be waiting for the launch of guild battles and large-scale PVP.

Summoning: The Chronicle of Kroniko’s War

Continue the influence of IP and move forward, and make efforts on multiple platforms

It is also an extension of the old IP’s sequel. “Summoning of the Demons: Kroniko War” has performed extremely well in a number of Korean MMORPGs.

This is not only because the development team Com2us has accurately grasped the core rich plot, challenging RPG elements, and various calling team matching strategies of the original IP “Summon of the Devil”, and perfectly implanted these core elements into the The appeal of “Summoner: Kroniko’s War” and the wise decision-making of multi-platform parallelism cannot be ignored.

The game opened both the PC and mobile side experiences at the same time at the beginning of the launch. After that, a large-scale update was carried out this month very quickly. The 12-player Raid challenge with higher difficulty, the secret copy of the magic shards, the new The magic embryo “Orekel” and many convenient updates have added a lot of eye-catching new content to this old IP game, and also gave players more space for exploration and research.

Under such a strong promotion, and the double-end players have been caught in one go, the cumulative sales of “Summon of the Devil: Kroniko War” has exceeded 10 billion won (equivalent to about RMB 4991) less than a month after its launch in Korea 10,000 yuan), and received rave reviews from players.

It is believed that after this month’s massive update, the game’s revenue can set a new record.

“Heaven’s myth”

One trick to eat all over the sky, IP spirit lasts forever

The MMORPG game “Ragnarok”, adapted from the Korean comic of the same name, is also a long-lived IP that has experienced 20 years. Its development team, South Korea’s GRAVITY, has also lived up to expectations. This year, it announced the 20th anniversary commemorative “trilogy” – three series of new works “” Ragnarok: Lost Memories, Ragnarok: Arena, RO Ragnarok: Birth of a New Generation.

Ragnarok: Lost Memories

Three sequels appear at one time, which shows the continuous vitality of this IP and the inexhaustible creativity of the development team, and the three sequels also have different settings, so that players who love all kinds of gameplay can enjoy it. Enjoy the game under the Ragnarok IP.

“RO Ragnarok: Birth of a New Generation”

In addition, “RO Ragnarok: Love Like First Seeing”, which focuses on the inheritance of the pure blood of classic RO, has also firmly grasped the IP audience since its launch, and exerted efforts at the marketing level, inviting famous singer Lin Junjie for endorsement. With the joint blessing of the game IP and the influence of JJ Lin, it successfully reached the top of the best-selling list of Taiwan servers.

“RO Ragnarok: Love Like First Seen” invited Lin Junjie to endorse

However, the “Ragnarok” IP game exposed on G-STAR in 2019 is not just these.

Of course, an IP is not accepted by everyone when it gets old. You can see in the comment area of ​​any “Ragnarok” IP game “Eat all over the sky with one trick, change the soup without changing the medicine”, “Still put “Let’s live in Ragnarok”, “GRAVITY seems to live in its own world, no matter what others say”, “Now the soup can only be pure water” and other comments.

“R2M: Rekindled War”

The cornerstone of local development is solid, and overseas promotion is effective

The MMORPG mobile game “R2M”, which uses the IP of the client game “R2” under Netzen, was launched on the Android and IOS platforms in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan on July 26.

Since the pre-order was opened and the pre-download was opened on the 25th, it was logical that it became the champion of the game section of the apple store in Taiwan, China on that day. Similarly, the apple store in Hong Kong also rushed into the top 20 at the beginning of its launch.

“R2M” Apple store ranking in Taiwan, China

However, in the two different regions of Taiwan and Hong Kong, the treatment of “R2M” is very different. In Hong Kong, “R2M” was only short-lived in the top 20, and it was difficult to enter the list; in Taiwan, China, “R2M” successfully bought a house in the top 200 of the overall list, and its status is difficult to shake.

This may also be related to the different acceptance of the IP by players in the two places.

“R2M” Apple store ranking in Taiwan, China

However, “R2M” continues to be strong in South Korea. Although it cannot continue to dominate the list under such brutal competition in the Korean game circle this year, its status cannot be replaced at will. This is the player’s loyalty to IP that has continued from the “R2” end game, as well as the excellent performance in PVP and player transactions.


In addition, the well-known “Tree of Salvation M” and “Sword of Excellence M” will also join the competition on the mobile game track in South Korea. Of course, there are also well-known masterpieces “DNF”, MapleStory and Paradise are also not to be underestimated.

(The “Paradise” family occupies the top five in the ranking list all the year round, with at least three seats)

There is also “Dragon Valley World”. Although it has been discontinued in Southeast Asia, the IP of “Dragon Valley” was also well-known in China. Now the mobile game version has landed on the mainland to start testing, hoping to learn from the previous lessons and give To the player a satisfactory gaming experience.


In today’s environment, end-to-end micro-mobile games are still in power, and many end-game manufacturers are constantly trying to find new ways out. After looking at this inventory, it is not impossible to spell a world by maintaining the characteristics of its own IP and transferring the core elements to the mobile game track.

Of course, under such a “new retro” concept, you also need your own strength to be able to play, and this point, Korean games are obviously more actionable than domestic games, which may also be a point that domestic manufacturers need to be alert to in time.