Adverse Water Cold mobile game makes social fear players fall in love with MMO? 1686 puzzles, enough to explore for 200 hours

Most of the popular games in China are built around social networking. Playing games is just one of the fun, and making friends is the “core gameplay” of many people. The deep binding of many gameplay and social interaction also brings a disadvantage: the gameplay content for single-player exploration has become very scarce, which has caused many social fear players to miss their favorite games.

In 2020, “Yuan Shen” brought comfort to social fear players with its rich game content and “weak social” settings. By 2022, NetEase will be making efforts in the open world MMO category. The martial arts open world game “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game will be tested for the first time during the National Day. The experience of only seven days has made countless social fear players see the possibility of falling in love with MMO.

The MMO genre has always focused on social gameplay, the joy of group play, and the love-hate relationship between gangs has always been the most interesting part of the game. So what did NetEase do to make social terrorist players who completely reject social interaction fall in love with this open-world MMORPG game? In my opinion, the government has done three main things.

The first thing is that the content is rich enough. The reason why “Yuan Shen” dares to be “weak social” is that the content of the gameplay is rich enough for people to continue to explore, and the massive plot performances are the tricks. During the promotion period, I often said that I wanted to learn the former mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, which obviously did a good job in this regard. Players who participated in the test said that the content to be explored in the game is very rich, and the plot is also because of the introduction of various Branches and butterfly effects allow different people to have different game experiences and rich replayability. In addition, the official also wants to do long-term update operations. It is conceivable that the content will be very rich in the future.

Take the exploration of puzzle content, for example. According to the official news, the completion of the game is only about 70% of the expected level, but there is already a vast open world map and 1,686 puzzles. These puzzles are either hidden in the NPC dialogue or in the scene. Players can trigger them at any time when they freely explore without restrictions. These puzzles can bring players hundreds of hours of independent single-player experience. It is also possible to exceed 200 hours on a wide variety of other gameplays.

So what are the specific ways to solve the puzzle? Taking several puzzle-solving gameplays shown by the first test players, the tricks are still very rich. Such as tapping different jars, triggering music to open treasure chests.

Or propel the boat with the Fire Elemental move, which feels like a natural science class.

And solving puzzles is only the most basic. The official produced a complete map, as well as a wealth of exploration methods. Players can fly into the sky with light power, or flip through roof ridges with a “parkour” technique, or even move quickly on the water. The rich treasure chests and branch lines during the first test also make the exploration fun for single players very rich.

The second thing is that there is enough “adaptation”. With the blessing of NetEase Fuxi artificial intelligence, it is said that hundreds of NPCs with independent personalities, personalities and story backgrounds have been installed in the game. If you deeply interact with these NPCs, you will discover their stories, unlock their related branches, and have a wealth of exploration content to find.

During the actual test, players found that almost every NPC they encountered was like an independent real person, and would react according to the player’s various actions. When players ignore them, they will be like real people, with their own schedules and daily plans. When players are mischievous, they will also find real-life-like feedback from these NPCs.

Even when players want to learn more about some NPCs, they can directly type and talk to the artificial intelligence. These NPCs are often witty, which further increases the player’s immersion and brings many unforgettable exploration experiences.

With a wealth of explorable content and the blessing of intelligent AI, the mobile game “Adverse Water Cold” is already a game that is very suitable for single-player exploration. The official is doting on social terrorist players, and they have also made a lot of measures to support players’ single-player exploration. Players who are worried that their skills are not as good as others can find an NPC to form a team to download a copy; do not want to form a team, but also want to get some quest rewards that can only be obtained by forming a team? The official directly uses a “same return” mechanism, allowing players to freely choose the way to complete the task, and also guarantees to get most of the rewards.

Did the moves of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” that favor social fear players move you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.