Accelerate the promotion of China’s new energy to the world, BYD fully enters the overseas market

A very popular sentence some time ago, “I thought the economy was not doing well this year, but when I saw everyone grabbing xx, I realized that it was only me who couldn’t.” Although it is a joke, it is not unreasonable. The environment this year is not very good. Under good circumstances, many companies are not very good, and wages are a problem, so that the economy is not good. In addition, the sales of many car companies have also declined severely, especially some electric vehicle brands, which have declined to varying degrees, but BYD has been on the rise. The sales in September exceeded 200,000 units, which can be said to be excellent.

Friends who usually pay attention to cars may know better that BYD laid out electric vehicles earlier, and it is the first brand to announce the discontinuation of fuel vehicles. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the leader of new energy vehicles, because whether it is technical reserves or brand precipitation All are great.

Of course, no matter how high the domestic market share is in the world, it is very small, so it has to be exported abroad, and BYD can be said to be well-known and very popular in the overseas market with its strong technical reserves and market reputation.

In September, BYD Auto sold 7,736 vehicles overseas, with a month-on-month growth rate of over 50%. In July, there were only 4,026 vehicles, so in general, it was a relatively good result. And recently signed cooperation agreements with companies in many countries to jointly promote the development of new energy vehicles.

In fact, many years ago, BYD laid out its overseas market. It established its headquarters in California, the United States, and sold pure electric buses in the Netherlands. However, at that time, BYD’s reputation was really not big enough that many people didn’t know it. But now it’s different. When it comes to new energy vehicles, BYD will always be unavoidable.

Let’s look at some of BYD’s recent hot events overseas. On September 28, BYD held an online press conference in Europe with three models of Han, Tang and Yuan PLUS, and announced the official pre-sale price. The pre-sale price of Yuan PLUS in Germany is 38,000. The German pre-sale price of EUR, Han and Tang is 72,000 euros, which is 275,000 yuan and 520,000 yuan respectively in RMB. It can be said that this is extremely proud.

Seeing that our domestic vehicles can also be exported and sold at high prices, this fully shows that my country’s new energy vehicle technology is fully recognized by foreign markets. Of course, I think this is also due to BYD’s own strong technical strength, such as blade batteries, e-platforms 3.0 or CTB battery pack is very good.

The global strategic partner Shell, which cooperates with BYD, also announced that it will provide BYD European car owners with a better charging experience and open about 300,000 Shell charging piles in Europe. In addition, sales in Germany, France, Japan, Australia and other countries have also expanded rapidly.

On October 17, BYD presented three electric models of Tang, Han and Yuan PLUS at the Paris Auto Show.

It also signed a cooperation agreement with German car rental companies Sixt and BYD. Sixt promised to buy at least 100,000 electric vehicles from BYD in the next six years and put them on the German high-end car rental market.

It is not difficult to see from various actions that BYD will vigorously develop overseas markets and promote China’s new energy vehicles to the world. And BYD, which is itself a leader in domestic new energy vehicles, and adheres to the development concept of technology as the king and innovation as the foundation, believes that it will be able to show its talents abroad in the future.