Abide by order and build image Sichuan e-commerce anchor “Cloud Swearing” online ceremony was held in Chengdu

Cover reporter Yi Yili

On October 28th, the online ceremony of the “Cloud Swearing” of Sichuan e-commerce anchors with the theme of “obeying the order of e-commerce live broadcasts and establishing the image of Sichuan anchors” was held in Chengdu. Liang Yong, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Yu Zhengang, a second-level inspector of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and Liu Chaojun, a second-level inspector of the Sichuan Provincial Taxation Bureau attended the event. More than 50 people including platform companies, provincial e-commerce new business bases, and industry association representatives attended the event. , nearly 100 anchors participated in the event online.

Liang Yong pointed out that the scale of live broadcast e-commerce in Sichuan has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and the number of Sichuan-based head anchors and store anchors is at the forefront of the country. At the same time, there are also chaos such as brutal competition, false propaganda and malicious marketing of a few e-commerce anchors. It is hoped that the entire industry will strengthen self-discipline and self-awareness, actively abide by the live broadcast order, and implement the responsibility and obligations of operators. Yu Zhengang put forward requirements for fulfilling the supervision of the network market in accordance with the law. Liu Chaojun expressed his opinions on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers.

This event is jointly guided by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and the Provincial Taxation Bureau. It is hosted by the Provincial E-commerce New Format (Live) Alliance. It takes online as the main carrier and adopts “1 ‘cloud oath’ ceremony + 10 articles. In the form of “short video”, through the Internet innovative expression form, it calls on the province’s anchors to abide by the live broadcast order, establish a good image, and contribute to the creation of a clear and clean cyberspace.

At the event, five e-commerce anchor representatives, including Orange Miya, Yang Tiancai, Chengdu Life, Shuzhong Taozijie team anchor, and Miss Eat Chengdu, read the oath of “Sichuan E-commerce Anchor Industry Self-discipline”. More than 100 local anchors passed the live broadcast. “Cloud Engagement” campaign. Afterwards, the participating leaders had a full exchange with e-commerce anchors, MCN institutions and representatives of provincial e-commerce new business bases on platform governance, tax supervision and other work.