“AAA clock” will launch a sequel on November 4, both a clock and a game, exclusive to Switch

The Switch software “AAA clock”, known as the world’s only 3A-level clock, has begun to work again. Independent developer RedDeerGames announced that it will launch “AAA clock 2”, which is both a clock application and a game.

The promotion of “AAA clock” is to make the Switch a very expensive “desktop electronic clock”. This minimalist clock software is priced at $10. After its release, it was very popular. It also launched 4 DLCs, including some retro small clocks. game. And “AAA clock 2” will be officially released as a game + clock, and the game inside is not hidden and does not need to be unlocked.

In the promotional video, we see the words “Jelly & Vulca” appear in the bound game, which is a side-scrolling platform shooting game, such as Contra and Metal Slug. Players take on the role of two aliens, wielding many weapons, traversing six maps, fighting a variety of strange enemies, and fighting for the peace of the galaxy.

The game has a strong comic style with bright colors. The protagonists Jelly and Vulca can be switched with one key, with different abilities, many weapons, and they can be upgraded. However, the official website profile states that the game has a total of 6 heroes, except for Jelly and Vulca, the other 4 may be announced in the future.

The clock that comes with the Switch is neither beautiful nor easy to use. If you are interested in horizontal shooting, you can try “AAA clock 2”. The game is scheduled to be released on November 4th and is exclusive to the Switch.