A zodiac sign that has a bumpy road to love, has high requirements for love, and is emotionally mysophobic.

Love is like petals in the wind, beautiful and fragile, which makes people born in the Year of the Rat fall deeply into it. They long for pure feelings and cherish a persistence of love in their hearts. They are gentle and sensitive and never compromise on love. On the emotional road, people born in the Year of the Rat often go through twists and turns because they demand perfection and have extremely high requirements on their partners. They are afraid of getting hurt and pursue a sense of security. Therefore, once they encounter love that they don’t like, they will leave without hesitation and look for better opportunities.

People born in the Year of the Horse have an enthusiastic and unrestrained personality and are full of passion for love. However, they are also representatives of the bumpy road of love. They long for true feelings, but they easily fall into impetuous love. People born in the Year of the Horse have almost demanding requirements for love. They pursue passion and sparks, but at the same time they also show emotional mysophobia. They hope to have perfect love, but often fall into trouble and pain in the process of pursuing perfection.

People born in the year of Snake show a unique emotional touch. Their requirements for love are almost harsh, and they pursue a sincere and deeply rooted relationship. Snake people focus on inner qualities and pursue soul compatibility. They have extremely high requirements for emotional purity. Once they find that their partner is even the slightest bit hypocritical or deceitful, they will leave without mercy. The bumpy road of love makes people born in the Year of the Snake stronger, but it also destined them to find hardships in love.

“Love is a disease, but no one wants to see a doctor.” This sentence expresses the complexity and ups and downs of emotions. Whether they are people born in the year of Rat, Horse or Snake, they all have high requirements for love and are unwilling to compromise with mediocrity and hypocrisy. They may have experienced many twists and turns, but this does not stop them from continuing to pursue true feelings.

The road to love is often bumpy, but it is these bumps that make us more aware of our inner needs. People born in the Year of the Rat, Horse, and Snake have high requirements for love and extremely high pursuit of emotional purity, which makes their emotional journeys more tortuous and arduous. However, it is this demandingness and persistence that allows them to gradually find their own happiness on the road of pursuing love.