A week after coming to menstruation, remember five sentences before meals, losing weight is very simple, there is no meat that cannot be lost.

Losing weight seems to have become the mantra of women inadvertently, but not many people know that the days after menstruation are the prime time to lose weight. As long as you make good use of it, you can improve the effect of weight loss.

A person’s obesity and weight are mainly determined by her diet, especially in the week after the end of menstruation, if you can keep the following 5 points in mind before eating, and try to do them, then your weight will be relatively easy. Losing weight is impossible in a healthy, reasonable, and side-effect-free condition.

1. Drink more soup: Drinking soup regularly can nourish the stomach and warm the palace, and most importantly, it can moisten the intestines. At dinner, drinking more soup can promote digestion and absorption of food, and soup can occupy space in the stomach and increase satiety, which can reduce food intake.

2. Eat more high-protein foods: In daily life, you can eat more high-protein foods, such as soy products, dairy products, etc., which can not only supplement the nutrients the body needs, but also promote metabolism and eliminate excess garbage in the intestines , toxins, to prevent the accumulation of fat such as pot belly, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

3. It is best to eat 80% full: try not to eat too much when you eat, which will help you lose weight. Adhere to 80% full, can reduce the burden on the stomach, this is the most scientific way of dieting to lose weight. In the case of maintaining health, it can promote the body’s automatic consumption of excess fat. If you want to lose weight better, diet is a very important aspect. Controlling diet does not mean blindly dieting, but needs to achieve low calorie, high metabolism, and high satiety. Generally speaking, high-fiber foods are low in calories. Foods such as chia seeds and konjac flour are recommended. While reducing calories, it can also enhance satiety, while fruit and vegetable enzymes, angelica, sea buckthorn, compound probiotics and other substances can help intestinal peristalsis, accelerate metabolism, and reduce fat accumulation. It can also be supplemented daily. If it is more troublesome to supplement alone, Guheqingyuan can be used directly, which can directly meet the above three requirements.

4. Don’t eat spicy food: Women should not eat spicy food during menstruation, which will increase the burden on women’s body functions and cause physical discomfort such as dysmenorrhea. In addition, the salt content in spicy food is relatively high, if you consume too much, it will cause the body to swell, and you cannot eat spicy food.

5. Eat more coarse grains: coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber, which helps to promote gastrointestinal motility, and also helps relieve appetite during menstruation. Eat more fiber-rich foods, which can remove excess fat, oil, etc. substances excreted from the body.

Women all want to be slim, because the fat content in their bodies has a lot to do with their usual diet, and women’s diet will also play a good role in losing weight when they come to menstruation. Therefore, after one week of menstruation, keep in mind the above 5 items, keep in mind before meals, and try to follow them as much as possible, so as to make weight loss easier and achieve the effect that cannot be lost.