A striker replaced Haaland with a poor starting performance, 0 shots, 0 goals, 0 assists, and was scored low

  In this round of the Premier League, Manchester City beat Leicester 1-0 with De Bruyne’s free kick. Haaland was absent. Argentine striker Alvarez started, but his performance was average. He didn’t shoot on the field and was beaten after the game. 6.5 is the lowest score in the team.

  Statistics show that Alvarez played 77 minutes in this game, no shots, no goals, and no assists.

  Alvarez had just 12 touches, nine passes, and eight accurate. 1 cross was not in place.

  He didn’t win three ground fights and didn’t win one top fight.

  Alvarez lost the ball 4 times, fouled 2 times and was offside 1 time.

  The heat map of the game shows that Alves is very inactive in the frontcourt and cannot get the ball.

  Alvarez last scored in the Champions League tie against Copenhagen on October 5.

  Alvarez has played 10 times in the Premier League this season, including 2 starts, scoring 2 goals. Played 5 times in the Champions League, started 3 times and scored 1 goal.