A seventy-year-old old man suffers from double tumors. How can the doctor relieve the patient’s worries?

Red Net Moment News October 28 (Correspondent Yuan Qiang) Recently, 78-year-old Song Yuyu suffered from unbearable left back pain and could not sleep peacefully. Her family rushed her to Changsha Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Changsha Eighth Hospital).

Tan Weifa, deputy director of the Department of Urology, received the patient. After a detailed examination, he was diagnosed with left kidney cast calculus and hydrops infection. The size of the calculus was about 10*5 cm, and he suspected malignant transformation of the left kidney. He had hypertension, coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation, lacunar cerebral infarction, multiple cerebral ischemia, and ovarian tumor for more than 10 years. This time, a huge ovarian tumor was found, occupying the entire pelvic cavity and most of the abdominal cavity. Considering the source of the right appendage, the size was about 30*20*18 cm.

The complex situation means that Song Yu has to deal not only with urinary system problems, but also with gynecological tumors, and the risk of serious surgery may be higher than expected. In order to ensure that the operation is foolproof, Zhang Jun, director of the Department of Urology, immediately started multidisciplinary cooperation, discussed the condition with the gynecology department, and unanimously decided on surgical treatment.

When the family heard that the tumor had to be surgically removed, they were all worried. “Can I recover after the operation? Can I wake up after anesthesia? Is it really possible to operate?” A series of concerns made the family undecided.

After more than 10 days of conservative treatment, Song Yuyu’s condition became worse and worse, her low back pain did not improve, and her condition further aggravated. Zhang Jun once again communicated patiently with the patient’s family: “Only surgery can save the elderly, and we can’t delay it any longer. Time is life. We have a multidisciplinary team to escort her.” The family finally agreed to the surgery, a battle for life. ring.

Under the proposal of Zhang Jun, the Multidisciplinary Consultation (MDT) was launched. Gynecology, gastrointestinal surgery, cardiology, anesthesiology, neurology, blood transfusion, pharmacy, and laboratory work together to evaluate the patient’s various indicators and physical conditions in detail, consult relevant guidelines and literature reports, and formulate the final after thorough discussion. Treatment options—resection of the left kidney, bilateral adnexal, and large cystic mass in the right adnexa.

The operation was carried out smoothly. The anesthesiologist Xu Jin closely monitored the whole process. Zhang Jun, Tan Weifa and the chief gynecologist Xu Meng were skilled in the operation, calmly and meticulously performed operations such as hemostasis, resection, and cleaning, and successfully removed the left kidney, bilateral appendages and right appendages. Huge cystic mass. With the sound of “prepare to close the abdomen”, the operation was successfully completed, and the total drainage of cystic fluid was about 4500ml, and everyone’s hanging heart was finally relieved.

After the operation, Song Yuyi returned to the ward. The medical staff took care of her carefully, closely checked the vital signs and wound drainage, and gave careful treatment. After the operation, her condition recovered well. tumor. He contacted the oncology department for consultation and informed him that he would undergo further adjuvant chemotherapy after complete recovery. Zhang Jun thought that Song Yuyao could be discharged from the hospital and go home to recuperate after the ward round. Compared with the unpleasant pain when she was admitted to the hospital, Song Yuyu felt a lot more relaxed now.

Controlling surgical risks is the basic skill of surgeons in surgical operations, and it also tests the level of surgical operations. Song Yuyu’s successful treatment is due to the rich experience and superb technology of the treatment team, as well as multidisciplinary collaboration and rapid linkage.