A review of the first test of the mobile game against the water

The Northern Song Dynasty, a thousand years ago, was considered to be the most prosperous era in ancient Chinese history. At this time, science and technology developed by leaps and bounds, and the economy and culture were also prosperous. In “Tokyo Dream Hualu”, it was recorded that from morning to dusk, from night to dawn, The omnipresence and prosperity of the market culture at that time can be seen everywhere.

In Netease’s martial arts open world “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game, it is based on the background of the Northern Song Dynasty. This mobile game completed a week-long blind box test during the National Day. After several days of immersive game experience, the biggest feeling is that this is a breathing river and lake, showing the prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty. Sensation and fireworks.

The most clear picture of the customs and people during the Northern Song Dynasty is Zhang Zeduan’s “Across the River During Qingming Festival”. This picture caught everyone’s eyes at the beginning of the game, and then gradually became the picture of the game. Looking at the 3D version of the Bianjing Hongqiao scenery, there are noisily businessmen hawking goods on the street, as well as shopping residents, patrolling and beggars begging for money, forming an extremely full picture.

As the capital at that time, Bianjing had the most lively urban scenery, and the most attractive place for people to visit at night at that time must be the lively “Sweet Water Lane”. There are all kinds of girls in Tianshui Lane. There is a lot of people here. People enjoy performances and gossip here, just like people in the downtown area in reality.

There will also be an oiran conference in Tianshui Lane. The top girl Li Shishi will dance a song “Raining Bells” for everyone. This song was written by Liu Yong, and Li Shishi’s motion capture is to invite the chief of the China Opera and Dance Theater. The dancer Tang Shiyi performed, and the dance was first-class, and playing games can also enjoy this national-level experience.

Rouge powder is overflowing in Tianshui Lane, and there are many stories happening at the gate of Shenhou Mansion. It just so happened that there was Zhu Kuai who was catching the scholar at the threshold. After inquiring about it, I found out that it seemed that the scholar had stolen a fan and was being arrested. If you get together to listen to some gossip, you will be arrested and invited to help solve the case. You can inquire about the confessions of the people around you, and then piece together the truth of the case based on everyone’s testimony and dig out the truth behind the case!

Coming to Taoxi Village at the foot of Sanqing Mountain, a rural village completely different from the bustling Bianjing emerges. There is no Hongqiao screaming and selling, but there is a wharf where children play, and many children laugh and play by the river.

There was an old man fishing with a straight hook by the river, and there were several girls washing clothes beside him.

There are still farmers planting rice in the field, the scarecrow next to him is quietly listening to the wind, and the old cattle are also being led to wander in the field.

Tang Dazhu, the only blacksmith in the village, would brag, saying that Bianjing was a straight dirt road, and the emperor and the queen were eating sea bass and lard cakes every day.

There is a small temple at the entrance of Taoxi Village. Although the temple is small, there are many pedestrians worshipping. When we put a stick of incense in front of the temple, there will be a treasure chest reward.

The pond water on Sanqing Mountain is even more koi swimming, red maple leaves fall, and the scenery is really beautiful.

In the days of playing against the water in the cold mobile game, I really felt the thousands of years of Chinese “fireworks” passed on by the game. There are all kinds of characters here, with lifelike buildings and scenery of the Northern Song Dynasty, which took us through the millennium time all the way. Experience the customs at that time, get acquainted with the people at that time, and completely immerse yourself in the rivers and lakes of the Northern Song Dynasty.