A reminder to everyone: Before the beginning of winter, stock up on these 4 kinds of snacks, which are nutritious and satisfying, and have a safe winter

How would you describe the rest of autumn? To put it jokingly, it is “the grasshopper in the late autumn will not be able to roam for a few days”! Yes, the whole autumn is about to leave us, and next, is the first solar term in winter – the beginning of winter.

The arrival of the beginning of winter means that the weather has changed from cold to freezing. At this time, in addition to protecting yourself, you have to work hard on your diet. For example, eat some foods that have heat while reducing noise and moisturizing the lungs, as well as skin care and moisturizing.

Also, make sure to stock up for winter. Friends, for the sake of physical and mental health, and for a safe winter, I might as well remind everyone today: before the beginning of winter, stock up on these 4 kinds of snacks, which are nutritious and satisfying, and have a safe winter. Next, let’s take a look.

The first, mung bean cake

This kind of food can be seen everywhere in the supermarket, but many people ignore it, maybe they are not interested in sweets? But mung bean cake has a lot of nutrients, all kinds of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and so on. Before the beginning of winter, we might as well stock up a little more.

The reason is very simple, you can treat it as a snack to satisfy your cravings, or you can use it as a main meal. For example, when a person does not want to cook at home, eating more or less mung bean cake can not only provide energy, but also supplement nutrition. The price of mung bean cake in the supermarket is also very low, so you might as well buy more.

The second, dried longan

Longan is a recognized food with high nutritional value, which has the magical effect of nourishing qi, nourishing the middle and revitalizing the spirit. However, due to the high price of such a kind of food, everyone decisively gave up eating it. In fact, it is much better to eat more and more than to eat a lot of unnutritious snacks.

In addition, dried longan is resistant to storage due to moisture loss. Before the beginning of winter, buy a little more at one time when you have time. It is very simple to eat. You can chew it as a snack, or add some soaked water to drink each time, or put it into the porridge when you cook it to improve the nutrition of the porridge and instantly enhance the taste.

The third, dried sweet potato

Like dried longan, dried sweet potato has more nutrients, including a large amount of starch, vitamins, and considerable trace elements such as iron and calcium. Appropriately eating sweet potatoes can help digestion, nourish qi and blood and other magical effects. However, unlike dried longan, dried sweet potato is particularly cheap.

Its taste is also very good, it tastes crunchy and sweet, and it is very delicious. In addition, don’t simply think that dried sweet potatoes are snacks. If you don’t have time to cook, eating some dried sweet potatoes every day can supplement the nutrition of the whole day, which is really convenient.

Fourth, native honey

In fact, many people still do not have a clear understanding of honey, and they always feel that this kind of food with high nutritional value does not always attract attention. If you go to the Internet or the supermarket to find out, you will find that the people who buy honey are almost all people who pay attention to supplementing themselves, including many girls.

I hope everyone pays attention to honey, especially native honey, which is rich in vitamins, amino acids, sugars, trace elements, and royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen, and beeswax, which are rare in ordinary honey. At the turn of autumn and winter, due to the weather, the whole person feels relatively dry.

If you eat some honey properly, it can clear heat and detoxify, moisten the lungs and reduce dryness, so that everyone can spend the autumn and winter smoothly. Of course, everything is multi-faceted, that is to say, not all honeys are true and good, and you must not underestimate the fraudulent ability of black-hearted merchants.

In reality, there are many artificial honeys, most of which are blended honeys, which are added with sorbic acid, syrup, alum, pigments, thickeners, soy sauce and other substances. If you eat too much of such fake honey, it will undoubtedly cause physical problems. Therefore, since you like to eat honey, why not study.

Of course, if you are too busy to study, the author is willing to share with you this pure natural honey – “The Treasure of Honey”. Its nectar source only comes from Taibai Mountain, the main peak of the Qinling Mountains, which is one of the three major nectar sources in the world.

Among them, the number of medicinal flowers accounts for almost three-quarters, which provides a prerequisite for honey collection. Unfortunately, the number of Chinese honey bees that brew this honey, that is, the number of Chinese bees, is very rare, which makes it extremely difficult to obtain honey, and the number of honey bees is only 1-2 times a year. It takes a long time to make honey, as long as 6 months.

Therefore, the water content of native honey is very low, not exceeding 18%. The color of this honey is generally earthy yellow, and it is golden yellow in sunlight, which is called “liquid gold”. It smells mellow and fragrant. When you smell deeply, the medicinal and floral fragrance is more obvious. The taste is fragrant and smooth, silky and refreshing, sweet but not greasy.

Such a top-quality native honey, no wonder everyone is buying it hard during this time! Presumably in addition to the good quality, it must be related to the price/performance ratio! Okay, that’s all, please leave a comment if you have any thoughts.