A rare ancient tomb was discovered in Jinzhou, Northeast China. Tomb robbers visited for thousands of years but left a shroud worth 2.4 billion

A rare ancient tomb was discovered in Jinzhou, Northeast China. Tomb robbers visited for thousands of years but left a shroud worth 2.4 billion

A legendary ancient tomb appeared in Jinzhou, Northeast China. Tomb robbers visited it for thousands of years, but kept a shroud in the tomb, worth as much as 2.4 billion yuan. So, who is the owner of the tomb? Why is this shroud so valuable?

As we all know, in ancient my country, there was a custom of thick burials, and people of high status would build mausoleums for themselves. Because people believe that after death, they are not really dead, but go to another world. After their death, the funeral objects will follow them to that new world.

But the poor are different from the rich. The poor can only try their best to put some valuable things in the tomb, while those dignitaries will spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to build the tomb.

That is to say, in the context of the prevalence of this thick burial custom, tomb robbers were born. These tomb robbers are more like desperadoes, they ignore the law only for the money in the tomb. It is precisely because of this that the country has to set up a bureau of cultural relics to protect ancient tombs and cultural relics that may be destroyed by tomb robbers.

Many people may think that the essence of archaeological experts is almost the same as that of tomb robbers, all for the treasures in the tomb.

In fact, there is an essential difference between tomb robbers and archaeological experts. Not only because the archaeologists do not have certificates, but the tomb robbers do not, but also because the tomb robbers are just looking for treasures, they will do whatever they can, and they will not consider whether the dead will rest in peace.

And the treasures unearthed by archaeological experts are handed over to the country, so that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate the ancient history. But the tomb robbers took the treasures they got and sold them on the black market in exchange for money.

Looking back at history, we can know that tomb robbery was most prevalent during the Han Dynasty in our country. At that time, the emperor also set up a special department as Captain Mojin, also for the treasures in the tomb.

It is precisely because of this that most of the ancient tombs before the Han Dynasty have been cleaned up. And now I want to talk about an ancient tomb located in the Jinzhou area in the northeast. This ancient tomb is also known by the world as the most robbed ancient tomb.

As for its misfortune, it is probably because this ancient tomb has been patronized by countless waves of tomb robbers in the thousands of years of history. Archaeological experts discovered during the excavation that there is only one shroud inside.

When she was in power, she used to hold the country and love in one hand, she could sway like rain on the battlefield, and she could be proud in love. Looking back at the 5,000-year history of our country, there are very few women who can achieve a double harvest in love and career like her.

But no matter how chic she is, she still can’t resist the feudalism of ancient people’s thinking. Due to various reasons, the queen dowager, who was so chic for a while, also had to dismount.

It is no exaggeration to say that if Xiao Chuo overcomes the prejudice of the nation, then she may be another Wu Zetian. The queens and queen mothers who used to be in power in ancient times, but why do you say she is different?

Because in this kind of society, most of the women in power are struggling to move up because of disputes with their families. But Xiao Chuo is different, she can hold power with a joke.

Soon after, the Kingdom of Jin moved its capital to Bianjing. The thieves also came after hearing the news. They wanted to dig out the treasure of the Liao Kingdom, but in the end the treasure was not found, and Xiao Chuo’s mausoleum was destroyed again.

In the following thousands of years, Xiao Chuo’s tomb has been patronized by tomb robbers. Until the 1980s and 1990s, with the development of science and technology, a group of tomb robbers used instruments to find treasures that the Jinren had not found at that time.

But they only thought of profit, so these rediscovered treasures soon flowed into the black market.

With the deepening of the excavation work, archaeologists only found a shroud in the tomb, and named it the shroud with golden filigree inlaid with four phoenix patterns.

Archaeological experts put most of their energy on this cultural relic, and they found that the production process of this shroud is very complicated. According to ancient tools, it will take at least a year to complete this shroud.

Moreover, this shroud is made of 10,730 grams of gold and hundreds of precious stones, so it goes without saying how precious it is.

I only know that experts have said that this shroud is more expensive than the shroud of King Jing of Zhongshan, which means that the value of this shroud is as high as 2.4 billion.