A product with a sky-high price must be good? Thousand-yuan 5G portable WiFi has poor performance and is designed to cut leeks

Family members, products like portable WiFi were born out of malice. In the process of its development, the abuses such as IQ tax, cutting leeks, businesses running away, not being as good as second-hand mobile phones, etc., have never stopped.

People have a bad impression of portable WiFi. They think it is a product full of human ugliness and is designed to deceive people and play tricks.

Why is this so?

This is because some major portable WiFi manufacturers are not smart!

As a network product, 5G portable WiFi has many advantages. No installation or wiring is required, just plug in the card to access the Internet, and the WiFi signal it provides is fast and stable. With the full coverage of 5G base stations, its network speed is now no slower than broadband.

Why is it reduced to the point where everyone calls for beating?

The former editor was also a member of a top communications company in China. When the company was making a lot of money in other fields, it happened to see the country’s thinking about the future of the Internet. Should we continue to develop fiber optic broadband, or should we all use base stations to access the Internet?

The company with a keen sense of smell immediately launched the 5G portable WiFi project. Divide the product line into three levels: high-end 5G products, mid-range 4G products, and low-end 4G products, allowing consumers to mentally preset three pitfalls.

By producing 4G products with a very mature supply chain, consumers are tempted to take the bait. Let consumers have the first impression. A good 4G portable WiFi costs this price. 5G will definitely be more expensive. You get what you pay for.

When family members think this way, they have already entered the manufacturer’s routine.

When the time is right, it will launch a 5G portable WiFi made of a bunch of high-end components. It focuses on high-end 5G product positioning and has many gorgeous parameters, which shocked the market. The price is 2,000 to 3,000 yuan, which is a huge profit.

In fact, the performance of 5G portable WiFi is limited by domestic 5G base stations. Most of the components of international big-name brands have average compatibility with domestic 5G base stations and poor user experience. The various performance parameters of the device seem to be very powerful, but the actual user experience is very poor. The network speed is average and not worth the price.

What is this kind of expensive and difficult-to-use product if it’s not an IQ tax? Family members, you are right. Such large, profit-seeking companies don’t even consider what the Internet means to ordinary people. They are just traders.

Still playing the trick of harvesting one wave and running away in 4G

There are also some manufacturers who are still playing catch-up, running some 4G packages with free shipping for 9.9 yuan, tricking a wave of family members into getting on the car, and then close the store and run away in a few days. Families may be familiar with this routine. It is a classic 4G scam.

What kind of equipment are these?

It is basically portable WiFi produced from recycled materials and industrial waste. Let’s not talk about whether it is environmentally friendly or not, but let’s talk about whether any heavy metals exceed the standard and are they harmful to health? Family members, I don’t know. In addition, these 4G portable WiFi are all equipped with public models. Unreasonable design causes the equipment to consume abnormally high power when starting up. Once the temperature of the equipment rises, harmful particles in the equipment will volatilize, becoming colorless and odorless. If you inhale it for a long time, who knows what kind of diseases you will get?

So folks, the cheaper 4G products are, the scarier they are. Free delivery for free is the most expensive.

Families, we just need a 5G portable WiFi at a favorable price. Is it difficult?

Internet access equipment should not be a luxury item

As one of the methods of network access, 5G portable WiFi should not be sold as a luxury product. The editor cannot understand why 5G portable WiFi needs to have the concept of high-end positioning?

The Internet is the gateway for ordinary people to connect to the world, and the country has done a lot of work to reduce fees and increase speeds. It is to allow us ordinary people to understand the world at a lower cost, have smooth information, and distinguish right from wrong.

As a representative of wireless data transmission equipment, 5G portable WiFi should not cost thousands of dollars.

The good news is that there are already 5G portable WiFi brands working hard to reduce prices. The decline was even more than 300%, which was in the range of more than 200 to 400 yuan.

According to the editor’s understanding, these 5G portable WiFi equipment solutions are scientifically designed and use domestic Zhanrui 5G chips as baseband chips. All components are independently developed in China. They have high compatibility with domestic base stations and have fast and reliable signal reception. Stablize.

In this sincere 5G portable WiFi, we can feel the enthusiasm of the manufacturer. They have clear ideas about the development of the wireless data transmission industry and know what they are doing.

Dear friends, this is the PCBA board of Pinsu M2·Ying. A small 5G module integrates about 40 functional chips inside, and the workmanship is very precise. The functions of each chip are interlocking, effectively reducing signal interference and making the device’s signal reception capability stronger.

Such sincere 5G portable WiFi brands include Great Wall, Shangzan, Chaonengben, Pinsu, etc. The prices are more than 200 to 400 yuan, and their packages are also cost-effective. Special Product Speed, in addition to cost-effective 5G portable WiFi, will also launch a 5G router, the one with a network port, and the price is also favorable.

Dear friends, 5G portable WiFi is just a device for surfing the Internet. It should be cheap, costing thousands of dollars. Do you think it is a luxury product? In actual use, the network speed of 5G portable WiFi priced at 3 to 400 yuan is not necessarily slower than that of 5G portable WiFi priced at 1,000 yuan. This is the actual network test of Pinsu M2, and the downlink rate is 880Mbps.