A-pillar, Haoying’s “heel”, Guangben’s pain


I believe everyone has heard the legend of Achilles’ heel.

The original intention of the legend is to tell everyone that no matter how powerful people or things are, they always have their own weaknesses.

The GAC Honda Haoying, which was launched three years ago, is considered to be the sister car of the Dongben CR-V and a product of Honda’s dual-car strategy in China. The most important thing is that, as a “special car” in the Chinese mainland market, Haoying has carried the sales of Guangben SUV.

According to the data from the Federation of Passenger Transport Associations, since its listing, Haoying’s sales have exceeded 350,000 units, and the monthly sales even exceeded 20,000 units when the market was booming. However, this year, Haoying is exhausted. The monthly sales volume in April was only 6,995 units, a year-on-year decrease of 55.8%. In the past September, Haoying, which sold 10,587 units, has fallen out of the top 15 in the domestic SUV sales list.

Obviously, Haoying, who was once popular for a while, is now in an unsatisfactory situation. What happened to this seemingly competitive model?

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This starts with Haoying’s “Achilles’ heel” – the A-pillar.

The crash test of the China Insurance Research Institute, which became famous in the “Passat” incident, is considered to be the “mirror mirror” of the automobile circle, but on Haoying, the crash test of the China Insurance Research Institute “provoked a show”.

Half a year after Haoying went public, China Insurance Research conducted a crash test on Haoying. In the Haoying crash test video released by the China Insurance Research Institute, it can be seen that in the 25% offset crash test, Haoying not only “bent” the A-pillar, but also hit the head of the dummy in the car .

Unexpectedly, in the crash result score given by the official website of the China Insurance Research Institute, the A-pillar showed a bent shadow, and it still got an A (good) score in the 25% small offset collision score, which is a big surprise – you know , The same thing happened to Passat, but it caused an uproar.

Just when the outside world questioned the score of the crash result, the next day China Insurance Research suddenly “removed” Haoying’s crash test results, and immediately issued a statement, saying that Haoying’s crash test results were stolen, and it was not legally responsible for the results of the online transmission.

This kind of “Oolong” incident makes people suspect that GAC Honda has done “work” in secret.

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Under the influence of various factors, the Haoying A-pillar incident cooled down rapidly. In March of the following year, GAC Honda voluntarily sent Haoying for inspection to participate in the C-NCAP test.

As we all know, the standard and severity of the C-NCAP test are far lower than the C-NCAP crash test. For example, the C-NCAP has a severe 25% offset collision, and its collision angle is smaller than that of the C-NCAP. Therefore, C-NCAP has the nickname of “Five-star Wholesale Department”.

However, even in the standard relaxed C-NCAP test, Haoying was still deducted points, especially in the side impact test, the bottom end of the B-pillar on the side of Haoying had more collisions and intrusions. C-NCAP said that “more intrusions” There is a risk of injury to the driver’s pelvis.”

Why does Haoying still perform poorly in the C-NCAP test that manufacturers voluntarily submit for inspection? We might as well compare foreign models. Overseas, Haoying’s prototype car is Honda’s global car CR-V, and from a structural point of view, Haoying is basically the same as the overseas version of the CR-V.

In the crash test of the North American version of the CR-V, the crash design of the vehicle played its due role. With the cooperation of the subframe and the longitudinal beam, the collision energy was effectively dispersed. Not only the A-pillar is not deformed, but the entire rigid cage structure is not deformed, which fully protects the structural integrity of the passenger compartment. Compared with Haoying, the probability of injury and disability is greatly reduced.

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Homologous models have basically the same structure and configuration. Why is there such a big difference between the Chinese version of Haoying and the overseas version?

Some analysts pointed out that when Haoying’s collision energy is dispersed to the body, the body cannot absorb the huge energy due to insufficient rigidity, so it can only be absorbed by deformation. That is to say, under the same body structure, the steel used in Haoying’s body may not be strong enough to meet the design targets. Only in this way can a reasonable explanation be given for the gap between it and the overseas version.

In other words, Haoying, which is specially supplied by China, has been reduced in terms of body and materials.

From this perspective, it is not difficult to understand why Haoying’s terminal complaints have increased significantly with the increase in sales.

It can be seen from the car quality network complaint platform that the number of complaints from Haoying car owners is very large, and the main complaints focus on rust on the body, increased oil, various abnormal noises, etc., and not only the fuel version, but also the hybrid version. Not spared either.

With such a large number of complaints, it is difficult to say that the quality of the Haoying model itself is not a problem, but when it comes to problems such as abnormal body noise and rust, it directly refers to the production process and body materials – that is, the bending of the A-pillar we mentioned earlier. Representation of allotment issues.

Write at the end:

It is undeniable that GAC Honda, known as the “engineering man”, has certain advantages in technology research and development and application, but in terms of quality assurance and quality control, Honda’s approach still requires a question mark.

The previous “oil throttle” incident was still lingering around the beam, and then Haoying’s “A-pillar incident” made people question Honda’s sincerity.

After all, in the case of the overseas version of the prototype car, the Haoying specially supplied in the Chinese market has such a big difference in body strength from the overseas version, which is difficult to explain with common sense.

After all, models with the same structure, only the material used in the body causes the difference. What is even more worrying is that after the A-pillar incident, Hiromoto did not seriously reflect and correct it, and the popularity of the incident subsided very abnormally and quickly.

As a result, with the expansion of the number of possessions, the number of complaints from Haoying increased one after another, and the owners complained.

It is reported that Haoying’s mid-term facelift model has been submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Haoying’s facelift will be coming soon. We hope that the facelifted Haoying can really solve the problem, instead of making Chinese special cars become Chinese consumers. Pimples in the heart.